4 Business-Savvy Ways to Improve Restaurant Customer Experience with Digital Signage

4 Business-Savvy Ways to Improve Restaurant Customer Experience with Digital Signage

Don’t Ignore the Sign-age!

It’s common in restaurants, bars and cafes for traditional signage to showcase new products, specials or even promotions. However, these types of signage tend to be static, simplistic and unable to really catch the eye. This is where digital signage can make a huge difference to any F&B business. Place digital signage strategically for outdoor queuing customers, in windows for people passing by, in waiting rooms for customers waiting to be seated, and even just behind the counter so that your F&B business can highlight your fantastic menu items! 

Let’s take a look at 4 ways e-signage can transform your business, and how it engages with customers. 

1. Promote Specials

Whether you’re a quick-serve or full-service restaurant, you can steer customers towards purchasing any new specials you wish to promote by utilizing digital signage. Given the brightness, the ability to use videos and enticing visuals and the potential for sound, you can really spice up how you introduce new specials and make them as appealing as possible to customers. Place your digital signage in locations where customers are likely to be waiting, and you’ll have a great marketing tool on your hand.

Indeed, Almost 30% of customers think digital menus influence their purchase of a restaurant’s special. 

2. Upsell Items

If you’re a fast food restaurant, a café or even a bar, you can upsell easily with digital signage. Pair additional items with popular ones so that customers feel like they’re getting a stellar deal and will increase their spend amount. For example, if you have a popular burger that sells like hotcakes in your fast food restaurant, entice customers to add a fries and drink to their burger purchase for a lower cost than what it would cost to buy fries and a drink separately. This creates a feeling of value for customers and also boosts the customer experience in the process. 

Use bright imagery, make the upsell deal very clear and ensure your signage is somewhere visible so that customers will be aware of the items you are upselling. This can help you take advantage of the fact that 80% of customers purchased something not budgeted for, simply because it was promoted on a digital sign.

3. Make Queues Less Boring

Let’s face it, queues are really tedious. Spending minutes (that feel like hours) waiting until you can get into your favorite restaurant can be a real mood-killer. However, with signage that shows queue status, customers can have a realistic idea about how long they have to wait. If you add menu options and items to the queue status screen, customers can actually make decisions about what they want to order while waiting, which cuts down table turnover time. E-Signage, paired with a good Queue Ticket Kiosk can go a long way in improving the customer experience by making waiting less boring and by boosting sales through increased table turnover. 

74% of interviewed customers said they would prefer an easy-to-understand menu display at all times, which means that while customers are queuing, they should have access to signage with a clear menu on it. 

4. Reviews and Ratings

You can utilize your digital signage in any way you like, which means you can use it to promote how well your restaurant is doing online. Share positive customer reviews and feedback to inspire confidence in new customers. If customers feel they are in a location that is well-reviewed, they will feel much more at ease and likely increase their spend amount.

Digital signage increases transaction margins by an average of 3%. Imagine how much more this figure could increase if your digital signage featured positive reviews and even comments from previous customers recommending certain dishes!

Sign-off On New Signage Now!

With so many benefits that can be gained through the use of digital signage, your F&B business is missing out if they don’t deploy this simple tech strategy to get ahead of the competition. With e-Signage, you can get customers to have a better experience, increase their spend amount and make purchasing decisions that are beneficial to your business. In the process, you can also increase customer loyalty and give them a memorable experience that will encourage them to return time and time again!

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