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Eats365’s POS integration with Xero gives you full-control of your restaurant finances.

The complete package; Eats365’s integration with Xero lets you manage your restaurant functions and finances anywhere, anytime, on any smart device. Having your restaurant and accounting under one system lets you stay on top of your financials while streamlining your business operations.

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Unifying Your Restaurant and Back Office Effortlessly

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Auto-Import Daily Sales Data

After performing the End of Day, all your sales data is automatically synced with Xero so that you don’t have to manually take care of the accounts

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Total Financial Business Overview

Eats365 and Xero ensures that you are always in the know operationally and financially. Keep track of business health and profitability with all your accounting, seamlessly as one

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Customize Your Reports

Choose how in-depth you’d like your accounts broken down with Account Mapping and view financials across different outlets and stores, too

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Manage Multiple Businesses in Xero

You can map your businesses between Eats365 and Xero on a one to one basis, or map multiple businesses on Eats365 to a single Xero Company using Tracking Categories

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Access Your Accounts Anywhere

Your accounting data is always close at hand. Log in on any smart device to gain instant access to all your restaurant’s finances


Key Features For Greater Financial Control

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blue tick Auto-Sync

After performing the End of Day function, your daily sales totals will sync directly to your Xero account and Eats365 Merchant Portal account in the form of a Daily Sales Summary

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blue tick Accounts Receivable Invoice

Each time you make an account sale, it will be registered in your Xero account receivable invoice

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blue tick Account Mapping

Break down your finances through account mapping. This lets you set which account each menu item goes into, which account various extra charges go to and which account each line item of your Daily Closing Report is mapped to

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blue tick Tax Rate Mapping

Add relevant tax rates automatically to your accounting so that your liability account is accurate

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blue tick Tracking Categories

Get transaction reports broken down by shop so that you can have a full overview of where each sale comes from

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blue tick Error Detection

If an exported daily sales summary contains an error, it will show up with information on what type of error has been flagged

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Eats365 Offers the Most Comprehensive POS Toolkit to Manage Your Restaurant

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blue tick Take Your Business Anywhere With the Cloud

Eats365’s restaurant solution uses cloud technology so you can manage your restaurant, your finances and more anywhere in the world and on any smart device.

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blue tick Robust Modules and Integrations

Build your restaurant solution just the way you want to. With useful modules and integrations - like with Xero - you can take control of what matters most, be it restaurant operations, financials, CRM, or future proofing.

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blue tick Designed to Scale as You Grow

Keep abreast of new dining trends, which items are making you money and what ingredients you need to stock up on. In any modern business, data gives you a powerful edge over competitors.

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blue tick Deep Data Analytics

Build your restaurant solution just the way you want to. With useful modules and integrations - like with Xero - you can take control of what matters most, be it restaurant operations, financials, CRM, or future proofing.

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blue tick Benefit From Multiple Sales Touchpoints

Diversify your income streams by promoting your restaurant online, receiving orders through your own branded website and utilizing self-order solutions at your physical storefront. Everything works seamlessly together to let you reach as many customers as possible!

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Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business

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Get a real-time view of your cashflow

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and see up-to-date financials.

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Get a real-time view of your cashflow

Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere.

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Reconcile in seconds

Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click OK to reconcile.

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Get paid faster with online invoicing

Send online invoices to your customers – and get updated when they’re opened.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Integration Work?

The integration works by linking your Eats365-powered restaurant directly with Xero’s accounting system. The accounting process is greatly simplified as a Daily Sales Summary is automatically sent to Xero after performing the End of Day function on your Eats365 POS. The Daily Sales Summary breaks down the numbers of the sales and payment account. 

How To Log In to Xero From the Merchant Portal?

1. After logging onto Eats365 Merchant Portal, you will be able to find “Xero” under the “INTEGRATION” tab.
2. After clicking “Connect to Xero”, the login page of the Xero Account Software should appear. If the login window does not appear, please ensure your browser allows popups from Xero.

3. Log in with your registered email address and password.
4. Click “Allow access” to authorize Eats365 to integrate with Xero. 

How To Set Up Your Xero Integration + Types of Data Supported

1. After authorizing access, select which account each item of your Daily Closing Report is mapped to. All items must be filled out or else you may encounter errors in your Daily Sales Report. Save once completed.
2. Under the “Export” tab, create an Eats365 Xero Contact for billing before exporting daily Closing Reports to Xero. Make sure to save.
3. Under the “Account Mappings” tab, select the account of each line item.

4. Select the payment account of each line item in the following section.

5. (If Sales Tax is applicable in your country/region) Map the tax rate in your Xero account with the tax rate set up in the Eats365 Merchant Portal.

6. (Optional) Add all your outlets and business locations in the “Tracking Category” tab. This will let you see how each outlet performs individually.

7. After saving all your settings correctly, Eats365 will send a Daily Sales report whenever End of Day is performed on the POS. 

How to Import Your Data and Get a Daily Closing Report

The relevant data will sync automatically with Xero after performing the End of Day function on the POS.
1. Start by navigating to “Business Operations” in the side menu and select the “Start Day” option. Then click on the “Perform Start of Day” button.
2. Next, select “To Shift”
3. Input the Open Till Amount (in this case, HKD1,000). Press “Open Shift” when the correct amount has been entered.
4. When ready to end the shift, enter in the new Till Amount (in this case HKD1500). Press “Close Shift” when the correct amount has been entered.
5. When the day is over, press the “Perform End of Day” button.
6. You will get a summary of your sales and transactions, which will also be automatically imported to Xero. You can check your Daily Closing Report in the Xero integration tab in the Merchant Portal. 



If your Daily Closing report cannot be exported correctly, you can see what is wrong under the “Export History” tab. If there is a “Failed” status in the same row of your report, you can click on the “View Log” option to get data on what has gone wrong, allowing you to rectify the issue.

How to Disconnect Xero in the Eats365 Merchant Portal

Navigate to your Xero integration within the Eats365 Merchant Portal. In the top right corner, you will be able to press the “Disconnect” button to disconnect Xero from the Eats365 Merchant Portal. 
To disconnect completely, you may need to take additional steps to disconnect with Eats365 from within Xero.

How Often Does Sales Data Sync?

POS sales data will sync whenever the End of Day action is performed. Your restaurant’s transaction data will be automatically sent to Xero with all your settings applied so you can keep track of your sales and payment accounts easily. If there are any errors in your Daily Sales Report, you will be alerted in ‘status’ section of the Export History tab.

Will All Your Outlets Sync Between Eats365 and Xero?

Yes. You can add multiple outlets from the Tracking Category tab under the same Xero account. This enables you to see the performance of your business as a whole, and based on each store.

Which Eats365 Plans Support Xero Integration?

Eats365’s Advanced Plan and Corporate Plan both support integration with Xero.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply get in touch to have an expert help you with your Eats365 and Xero integration journey.