Cloud Kitchen

A small space can translate into large profits! With a compact solution that lets you maximize your chefs’ efficiency, improve your operational productivity and expand your brand’s online presence, you’ll be the go-to digital destination for great food while still keeping costs to a minimum!

cloud kitchen
cloud kitchen

All Your Online Orders Managed On One Compact Device

After you’ve set up your online presence, you’re going to have to keep track of all those orders coming in from all over the web! Why spend loads of money and allocate unreasonable amounts of space to accommodate multiple hardware devices? Managing online orders from different sources costs time, money and space, which makes no sense when you can enjoy the same functionality from one device. 

All Your Online Orders Managed on One Device

Automate to Run Multiple Brands on a Budget

Run multiple brands under a single account and automate repetitive, low-skill tasks to free up your staff. With the flexibility of applying new settings, changing menus and accessing business data across all your brands on a macro level, or per individual brand on a micro level, you streamline your operations so you can run your business with fewer staff. This way, you can train a small team of chefs to specialize in preparing a range of exciting food options for all your brands in one compact kitchen space!


Integrate With the Best Delivery Partners

Delivery plays a big role in just how profitable your cloud kitchen business is. Instead of being forced to work with unsuitable delivery partners, or spending on separate third-party delivery management devices, you can directly integrate your Eats365 tech with the third-party delivery partners that offer you the best deals and service, so you don’t end up losing all your hard-earned profits.


Quick, Organized Pickups

If you have a mob of hungry customers and impatient delivery drivers waiting to pick up orders, your staff might panic and send the wrong order to the wrong person. Instead, make sure pickups are organized, clear and efficient, so all parties are satisfied, served quickly and leave with the right food. 


Manage Your Kitchen and Inventory

If your cloud kitchen is drowning in messy order tickets and your chefs have no idea what ingredients are in stock, your customers will almost certainly endure excessive wait times or place orders for items that are out of stock. Instead, let your kitchen staff keep track of orders digitally on a Kitchen Display System that’s easy to understand, customize and interact with. At the same time, items are automatically tracked so you can know when to replenish your supplies. 

Manage Your Kitchen and Inventory

Dominate the Online Space

With your business focusing heavily on attracting online customers, you need to cast a wide net by providing as many online touchpoints as possible. Fortunately, your cloud kitchen can implement a Branded Online Store that lets you build a quick, custom website with your brand’s colors, themes, fonts, images and everything else in between. You can also list on the Eats365 Marketplace, where we help bring plenty of new online customers directly to you. Just because you may not have a physical storefront, doesn’t mean you can’t build a presence that has everyone buzzing!

Eats365-branded online store

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"With Eats365 Biz, our cloud kitchen operations could be maximized, and ensuring our own remote online ordering platform brand identity and performance while integrating with 3rd party delivery platforms. Adding Self-serve kiosks at our storefronts, all customer touchpoints would be able to be catered."

- Freshlane, Hong Kong
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