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Grow with the flow by picking the products you need to build a custom solution that fits your restaurant’s goals for the future. Start small with a core module before adding expansion modules and third party integrations as you need them. No forced packages, no hidden payments. You build your own scalable solution with your rules and your budget.

core modules
Core Modules

If your current restaurant system is a jumbled mess, our core modules provide a simple, standalone alternative that can be set up fast. The Eats365 POS provides limitless options for growth and futureproofing your restaurant while the Eats365 Biz acts as a lighter standalone product with an online focus. Harness the power of cloud tech to bring your business together under one system with limitless possibilities – it all starts at the core!

expansion modules
Expansion Modules

As your restaurant business grows, you’ll need a solution that is tailored just for you. Pick and choose from a range of expansion modules to create a custom solution that solves your biggest headaches and boosts your business with new functionality. Take your restaurant’s future into your own hands and gear yourself for growth at your own pace and your own budget.

3rd party integrations
Third Party Integration

If your business requires specific functionality that only third party companies specialize in, you can seamlessly add them to your Eats365 restaurant solution. By partnering with the best companies in the F&B space, your Eats365 custom restaurant solution can be as specialized as you like, while also granting you access to the localized features you need to successfully expand into new markets.

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