Improve Customer Service

Take a Customer-Centric Approach

Multi-language Support
Choose the language that most resonates with your business thanks to our system’s multi- language support. You can even switch between languages for extra convenience.
Easy Queuing
Our intuitive queuing system allows staff to quickly assign waiting customers to vacant tables. In addition, our Queue Ticket Kiosk module lets customers print queue tickets with QR codes so they can scan their queue status wherever they are.
Give your customers the freedom to place their own orders without the need for extra staff. Our Self Service Kiosk Module makes this possible thanks our fully-integrated module system.
Menu Photos
Create a visually-stunning menu by uploading photos of your menu items. Not only will this entice customers to order more, but it will also make your business stand out from the crowd.

Customizable Receipt Formats
Choose how your receipts are laid out, what languages they are printed in, whether your logo appears on them and much more

Payment Flexibility

Pay in Advance
Let your customers pay in advance with our User App. This not only bypasses having to manually take customer orders, but you can also get paid in advance.
Multiple Payment Types
Let your customers pay in a way that’s convenient for them. Our system accepts multiple global payment types so you can always count on getting paid.
Customizable Tender Types
Easily pre-set the currency denominations most commonly used in your country so that you can tally up payments faster and with more efficiency. 
Partial Payment Split Bill
Give your customers the option to split their bill evenly or by item. You can create as many split bills as necessary.

Multi-currency Support
Our system allows for multi-currency support, which can be very useful if your business operates across multiple countries, in an airport or if you live somewhere that commonly accepts multiple currency types.
Merge Bill
Give your customers the option to merge their bills. You can merge as many separate bills as necessary.

Lasting Customer Relationships

Member Creation
Create as many members as you like. When a member arrives at your establishment, you can easily pull up their information and provide a much more personal customer experience.
Customer Relationship Management
Keep track of which members visit your establishment and how often. You can even see how much they order on average, how many people are usually in their party and what they usually order. This lets you take a customer-centric approach. 
Loyalty Programs and Discounts
Entice customers with juicy loyalty programs and discounts that they can take advantage of. These are easy to set up, can attract more business and boost customer satisfaction.
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