New Feature: Vender Portal

Allows food court vendors to access their own reporting and set up their own menu

Empowering Food Court Vendors

For food courts with multiple restaurant brands (vendors) operating within their premises, the Vender Portal allows these vendors to access their own restaurant’s reporting and to set up their own menus.


What does this Mean? Food court vendors won’t have to go to the central office / food court owners to set up their menus and to see how their restaurant is performing. They can now access these important features themselves. 


Why is this Relevant? Food court merchants and food court owners can both save time and hassle since venders can focus on running their own restaurants through the Vender Portal and food court owners do not need to be involved in these processes.


4 Awesome Benefits You Can Expect From this Update

Increased convenience for food court vendors

Each food court vendor can access their own reporting

Each food court vendor can set up their own menu

• Food court venders no longer need to ask central office for data

How Does It Work?

Food Court Venders will simply need to log in to their Vender Portal and access the relevant data or set up their menus as required. 

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