The best way to wow your customers is to deliver incredible service from start to end. With everything from integrated queueing and reservations to table management and faster ordering, your staff will have all the tools they need in a full-service restaurant to provide a fantastic dining experience that will leave your customers eager to return for more!

Full Service
Full Service

Your Menu Your Way

Customize your menu just how you want and have it sync across relevant departments and tech in your restaurant. Whether it’s combos, modifiers, special requests, menu switching, or anything else menu-related, you can customize it all and do it your way!

Your Menu Your Way

Give Customers Exactly What they Want

No table’s orders are ever quite the same. Allow your staff to cater to your customers’ exact needs with useful full-service features like coursing and modifiers that lets your customers specify when they want each part of their meal to arrive and split or merged bills that let them settle up on one tab or pay separately. 

Eats365 POS for full-service restaurants

Queuing and Reservation that’s Simple to Manage

The customer’s impression of your restaurant starts even before they arrive. Our reservation options let your customers easily book tables by phone or online. Queueing is also improved with QR codes on each ticket that lets the customer check their queue status remotely, so they don’t need to wait in line. Both queuing and reservations connect directly to your POS’ table management system, so your staff can handle incoming customers with ease. 


Free Up Your Staff through Automation

You’ve handpicked your staff because of their unique talents. Automation removes low-skill, repetitive tasks from the equation so they can spend more time taking care of the customer. 

Free up staff through automation

No More Kitchen Chaos

Your kitchen is one of the most essential components of how efficiently your full-service restaurant runs and how positive your customers feel about their meal. Get rid of those messy kitchen tickets and give your chefs the organization they need to produce food so good, your customers won’t be able to wait to come back for more!


Meaningful Customer Connections

If your staff are focused on remembering orders or writing them down as neatly as possible, they’re not fully engaging with the customer. Let your restaurant POS system and tech solution remove that hassle so that your staff can concentrate on providing a memorable customer experience that creates great word of mouth and repeat business. 

Meaningful Customer Connections

Grow Your Full-Service Restaurant with POS Data

Why not make use of built-in data points to drive your restaurant’s growth? By utilizing data collected by Eats365 POS and modules in your restaurant, you’ll have access to invaluable data on your daily operations. You can also keep track of accounting, sales and inventory data so you always have a full picture of what items are performing well, which ones need to be cut and what ingredients need to be stocked.  

Grow Your Full-Service Restaurant with POS Data

Go Online and Earn More

More customers are growing accustomed to online ordering. Make sure your full-service restaurant is ready for this shift by extending your brand online so that you can future-proof your business and be ready for the future of dining. Plus, going online lets you benefit from multiple revenue streams!

Eats365-branded online store

Better Table Management Means Better Table Turnover

Do you often have customers waiting or tables empty? Table management provides staff with a full, informative view of each table’s status so they can provide service quicker and never leave customers waiting. Through an intuitive color coding system, your staff will know when tables are empty, need cleaning or are on certain meal courses in just a glance. 

Eats365 best table management

One Flexible System that Scales with You

An inflexible restaurant system will hold you back as you grow. That’s why having one system that can scale with you and handle expansion to multiple locations or regions is key. Thanks to a modular approach, you can keep adding new Expansion Modules, features and functionalities that you need to keep your restaurant running smoothly in the future.


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How Full-Service Restaurants Like Yours
Benefit from Eats365


"We focus not only on providing nicely brewed specialty coffee to our coffee-lovers but also our distinctive brand identity in every aspect of our operations. The BYOD of Eats365, while saving us manpower, allows us to craft and design an ordering page that syncs with our shop decoration and style, making our brand and service experience a consistent one."

- NOC Coffee, Hong Kong
the point
the point

“With Eats365 we realized cloud-based systems enable us to analyze data in real time. We can browse immediate sales and daily performance on mobile phones, or even best item sellers and their sales amount.”

- The Point Pasta & Kitchen, Hong Kong
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