Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards 2019

Recognition as a business that's guiding Hong Kong to a better future

Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business Awards 2019 kicked off with a bang as Eats365 was one of the companies that took home a prize. The judging criteria for this award ceremony was simple, but yet difficult to attain without a lot of effort. Winning companies  "were awarded and recognized for their success and contribution." This means that Eats365 had to compete with  "local and international companies" to prove that our work was indeed worthy of being recognized. 

The panel of judges that would decide the winners are established in their respective fields and know how to truly judge a company on its vision, potential and merit. The panel included  "an elite group of business leaders, committee members of chambers, and professionals from various fields." Having such a distinguished panel of judges made winning this award all the more worthwhile for us since we knew that our product had impressed some of Hong Kong's top brass.

As a company, we are proud that our vision has come so far from when we began. Our grand ambitions are bearing fruit and we are honored to have been presented with this award. 



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