RBHK 2018-An Expo of Partnerships

The benefits of working with your partners at expos

This year's RBHK 2018 saw us approach the expo with a slightly new strategy in mind. Instead of simply trying to advertise our products alone, we reached out to our partners in the F&B industry and offered to work in conjunction with them. Since we have been developing new technologies and products with many of our partners, this was a great opportunity to join forces and demonstrate how our partnerships have helped benefit our customers

Showcasing New Product Potential

We've been working with our partners on everything from a white-label mobile app that streamlines how restaurants operate to new functionality in our kiosks. Showcasing these improvements shows that we are not satisfied with sticking within the traditional box of what a POS system can do and will work with our partners to push the envelope.

Product Diversification

Since our POS system has so many modules and components that accomplish a variety of different things, working with our partners during RBHK 2018 was a great way for customers to experience the diverse range of products we offer. For example, working with our hardware partners meant customers would be able to see that we endorse the best hardware options and that our POS' software utilizes said hardware in the most effective way possible.

Shared Expertise

Our partners are leaders in their respective fields and working with them during this expo meant that we could not only answer questions about what we had developed, but could also explain more about what our partners had created. Having our knowledge and our partners' knowledge combined ensured we could provide the most detailed and useful responses to customers' questions about what we were working on. 

Improved Credibility

It is extremely important to us that our customers see Eats365 as a credible company. Thus, by working with our partners and having their endorsement, we are able to show that we are working with some of the best companies around. By demonstrating what we and our partners are working on together, we are able to show our customers innovative and beneficial new technologies. 

Better Customer Service

With our partners backing us, we knew that we'd have more hands on deck to tend to customer queries. This meant that customers were never left waiting long and any interested parties were given the full attention they deserved. With the help of our partners, it was also much easier to demonstrate Eats365 products' functionality as well as some of the joint ventures we were working on. 

Lasting Relationships 

One of the most important benefits of working closely with our partners during this expo was that we were able to cultivate an even stronger bond with them. This will no doubt help us in the long-run when we work with our partners to create even newer and boundary-pushing technologies for our customers to enjoy. 

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