Hong Kong’s Digital Future: Why a Digital Approach is a Must for Local Restaurants 2022

Hong Kong’s Digital Future: Why a Digital Approach is a Must for Local Restaurants 2022

Asia’s World City is Fully-Connected

Widely considered to be the gateway to Asia, Hong Kong is a city that is known for its vibrant nightlife, fast-paced living and futuristic architecture. Hong Kong citizens demand the latest and greatest in future tech, whether it be in skyrises, public transportation or even in smart payment options. This futuristic mentality is beginning to permeate into the city’s restaurants industry as more and more F&B business owners adopt a digital outlook that matches the city’s tech-driven vibe. 

Why is Hong Kong’s restaurant industry going digital, you might ask? Well, the answer goes deeper than just the metropolitan ambiance of the city – it actually lies with the citizens of Hong Kong. 

hong kong tech connected

A Connected City is Run by a Connected Populace

A recent study by DataReportal indicates that Hong Kongers have truly caught the tech bug and have wholeheartedly adopted a digital approach to life. This isn’t to say that there’s no place for history and tradition, but where life can be improved with tech, Hong Kongers are quick to support it. 

3 Key Statistics that show how Hong Kong’s Population has Embraced the City’s Push Toward a Digital Future

hong kong mobile phone usage

1. There are 13.78 million mobile connections in Hong Kong

This statistic is a doozy since there are just 7.58 million people in Hong Kong. What we’re seeing is the average person actually having multiple mobile connections in Hong Kong – likely with one being personal and others being work-related. This city-wide shift towards adopting mobile tech presents a huge opportunity for restaurants to really target and attract more Hong Kongers. 

Utilizing technology like BYOD (bring your own device) means that Hong Kong restaurant owners can appeal to more customers through their mobile phones. Hungry customers can use their mobiles to scan QR codes and order from e-menus, make bookings and even interact with loyalty systems. With so many amazing options that can directly target Hong Kong mobile users while adding convenience to their dining experience, we’re seeing an uptick in the number of Hong Kong restaurants that are opting to use digital smart solutions instead of legacy systems. 

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hong kong social media usage

2. 88.1 Percent of Hong Kongers have Social Media Accounts

What does social media have anything to do with restaurants, you might ask. Well, a surprising amount these days. Given Hong Kongers’ willingness to engage online, social media platforms are now a great way for restaurants to promote their businesses digitally and build on their loyalty programs. 

Offering discounts, incentives and content for consumption can really spread the brand image and appeal of Hong Kong restaurants to the local population. Traditional methods of advertising are far less effective than getting a restaurant’s brand image out there on socials. Not only can restaurant owners target a range of age groups, people with specific interests and more, but advertising and engaging on social media is also a great free tool in building hype around a restaurant business, which is great advertising in and of itself. Incentivizing customers to leave reviews, post photos and recommend your restaurant to others is a surefire way to use Hong Kong’s digital future to your advantage!

hong kong internet usage network

3. There are 7.05 Million Internet Users in Hong Kong - 93 Percent of the Local Population

With Hong Kong government restrictions on restaurants playing a major role in disrupting dine-in F&B establishments, going online is one of the best ways to keep business flowing. With around 93 percent of the population online and having access to the internet, restaurant owners have already begun a revolution, whereby they have been bolstering the online arm of their businesses. 

By creating online storefronts, participating in restaurant marketplaces and allowing users to place online orders for takeaway and delivery, it’s clear that the restaurant industry is making it easier and more convenient than ever for Hong Kongers to get the food they love through digital tech.

Hong Kong and its Restaurants are Pushing toward the Future of Dining

You don’t have to look hard to see that Hong Kong’s restaurant industry is truly undergoing a renaissance in adopting new tech and benefiting from it. From small mom-and-pop shops utilizing cloud-based POS systems to seamlessly keep track of orders from different sources to large-scale food courts digitalizing the workflow and user experience of all their merchant restaurants, there’s no denying that Hong Kong’s restaurant industry in 2022 is going digital and embracing the future of dining!

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