OpenRice Takeaway

Seamlessly integrate your Eats365 POS with Takeaway by OpenRice and gain access to 6.1 million new customers.

OpenRice Takeaway system.

Seamless POS Integration

Effortlessly have your POS integrate with Takeaway by OpenRice so that incoming orders are delivered directly to your kitchen, without the need to reenter orders. 

Pre-order and Pre-pay

All of OpenRice’s 6.1 million users will be able to pre-order and pre-pay through credit cards and Alipay.

Prepare Orders in Advance

It’s often overwhelming to deal with all phone orders at once. Pre-ordering gives you more preparation time.

Boost Sales and Exposure

Hong Kong restaurants can improve their operation time and increase sales directly through takeaway and restaurant listing.

Fast T+3 Settlement

Payment settlements guaranteed within 3 days, which is quicker than Hong Kong's delivery services.

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