Whether you run a self-serve buffet or have staff deliver food tableside, your restaurant needs tech tools purpose-built for your unique business model. Our solution is tailored to all-you-can-eat restaurants just like yours and packs in features you’ll love. So, no matter if you need to track the time status of each table, manage your inventory, offer tiered menus or to free up your staff, you can do it all with a single system. 


Keep Track of Table Statuses

If your all you can eat restaurant has a time limit for each table, then you need an effective way to keep track of how long your customers have been eating for. With detailed, color-coded table tracking, you can monitor the time status of different tables so you don’t lose revenue by letting customers eat for longer than permitted. You can also view table statuses for things like which tables are empty, which ones need cleaning and much more!

Table Statuses

Tiered Menus Can Encourage Greater Spending

If your buffet offers different menu tiers, it’s important to ensure that your customers are only able to order items within the tier they selected. Set which items apply to which tier and allow customers to upgrade or pay extra if they want to enjoy food items from a higher menu tier. Your menu tiers sync across all relevant ordering and order-taking modules like the Eats365 POS, mPOS and Scan-to-Order (BYOD). 

Tiered Menu

Digitize the Ordering Process and Free Up Staff

Without a kitchen that is able to keep up with the rapid rate of orders in your restaurant, you’ll fall behind on food prep and leave your customers hungry and waiting. Keep your kitchen running like clockwork with intelligent tech that delivers orders quickly, organizes incoming and outgoing orders without messy kitchen tickets and lets expediters know exactly what to pack in each order. Faster food and fewer errors leads to happier customers. 

Three Unique QR Code Modes that Power Ordering Versatility

Avoid Overstocking or Running Out of Ingredients

When you allow your customers to eat as much as they want, it can be difficult to gauge just how much of each ingredient you need to stock. One great way to manage your inventory is to cross-reference with your POS for how many reservations you have per day and stock up accordingly. You can also track the item stocks and have your system inform you when you’re running low or have completely used up any items. This way you don’t lose revenue by throwing away unused items or having to comp customers when you don’t have items they want. 

Avoid Overstocking or Running Out of Ingredients

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How All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants Like Yours
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“The biggest issue the F&B industry faces now is short-staffed, traditional ordering requires our staff to take customer orders and run back and forth punching in orders. Customers can now order in a self-service manner with the BYOD, we can track traffic and business performance with the POS while saving manpower.”

– Boat Boat Steam, Hong Kong

"The more a customer orders the more we earn, and to make this happen we have to make sure there will be the least hurdle to them when they want to make an additional order. BYOD enables customers to make the fastest order with the least obstacles while we serve with the least manpower, this win-win solution helps us maximize our margin and provide extraordinary dining experiences and enjoyment to our customers."

- Tasty Hotpot Palace, Hong Kong
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