8 Trending Food Items That Could Boost Your Restaurant's Profits

What food is causing the most buzz on social media and how can you benefit?

Why Are Trending Foods Important?

Since we're nearly at the end of the year, we thought we'd take a look at some of the most popular food items that are trending on social media -  such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Not only do these types of food items have a large following, but they are also riding a wave of popularity that you and your restaurant can capitalize upon. While it might be impossible to offer all of the eight items on this list, even offering one or two could cause your restaurant to pick up a lot of hype and buzz, especially from a younger crowd. 

How Trending Foods Attract Customers

If you're planning to (or already are) offering any of these items on your menu, you should definitely start by posting on social media. A great way to do this is through Facebook. Take high-quality photos of any of these popular items and you might just go viral and gain plenty of attention. Better yet, create a competition whereby customers are encouraged to come in and post their photos of your trending food items. Reward the best photos with discount coupons, free meals or some other enticing prize. The generated hype will more than make up for any costs incurred. You could also put ads out that showcase these products and offer juicy discounts to really get customers through the door. Once word has spread, you can end discounts and enjoy your increased patronage. 

Trending Food Items

1. Indulgent Donuts

Donuts are the perfect type of comfort food that are loved by just about anybody. Trending donut products usually have some sort of special filling or glazing that makes them visually appealing or flavorful and unique. Experiment and try a few things out; you can even go with a festive donut theme since Christmas is right around the corner!

2. Avocado…Anything!

You'd think that avocados would have worn out their welcome by now, but they are still extremely popular in everything from breakfast foods to salads and savory dishes. Not only do they have a very appealing color, but they taste great and have plenty of health benefits. Try and introduce avocados in new ways to your dishes and watch the millennials flock to get a bite…and a photo!

3. Mac 'N' Cheese Variants 

Comfort foods like mac 'n' cheese not only make customers feel full and nostalgic, but it can also be modernized to contain new and exciting ingredients. Best of all, you can make vegetarian and meat-infused variants so that customers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to this trendy classic. 

4. Unique Fries

Cheesy fries, Cajun fries, curly fries, whatever the case, they're undeniably satisfying and great to photograph. Work on presenting your fries in a special way and offer up some interesting toppings or sauces to really kick things up a notch. 

5. Bright, Healthy Salads

Food that doubles as being equal parts healthy and equal parts delicious will always be trending. Offer up some interesting salad varieties that include popular items like ancient grains, super foods, avocadoes and more to increase customer flow. 

6. Modern Matcha 

That bright green hue makes for some truly eye-catching photos which is possibly why matcha has gone from primarily being found in tea to being used in more and more food items. The vibrant green powder is not only healthy and delicious, but is also instantly recognizable and trendy. 

7. Poké

Originally created in Hawaii, Poké is now turning into a worldwide sensation. Made up of cubes of seafood served over rice, soy sauce and veggies, it's hard to find anything quite like it. The unique flavors, paired with a totally stunning look makes Poké a favorite among foodies.


8. Colorful Ice Cream

To bolster just about any Instagram account, you'll find punchy, contrast-heavy images of pretty-looking desserts. Soft serve is surfing a new wave as it has set a trend of having crazy toppings, bright syrups and interesting flavors placed upon it. Make your own intriguing ice cream creations to gain plenty of buzz. 

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