Queue Management System

Free up staff and reduce your workload as we help you provide your Hong Kong customers with self-service and online queue ticketing in association with OpenRice. Our queue tickets each come with a QR Code that customers can scan for their queuing status. Ticket numbers are also displayed for a complete queuing solution.

iPad POS showing management of queue list and ticket function.

Online Queuing in Association with OpenRice

We bring OpenRice's 4,000,000+ members directly to your doorstep with our Queue Management System. In addition, by subscribing to our white label customizable User App module, you can reach a larger customer demographic in Hong Kong while offering a better queuing experience.

Queue Status Display And Announcement

The Queue Ticket Kiosk can clearly display the overall queue status and can make announcements for ticket numbers ready to be served. For greater clarity, it can be paired with our eSignage. This simple, but effective queue system reduces errors and always allows customers to be aware of their queue status. 

Queue Status via QR Codes

Queue tickets printed from the Queue Ticket Kiosk come with a QR code that can be scanned by customers’ mobile phones to display their real time queue status. Not only does this ticketing system allow customers to enjoy extra freedom while they wait, but it is a modern solution that can reduce congestion during peak hours. 

Table Management System Integration

The Eats365 Queue Ticket Kiosk is fully integrated with the Eats365 POS Table Management System. You can call and seat your Hong Kong guests via your POS, and the Queue Kiosk will automatically update their status and announce the ticket numbers ready to be served.

Simple to Use

Hong Kong guests simply need to punch in their party size and a ticket will be issued for them. This simple system ensures that anyone can easily use the Queue Ticket Kiosk without requiring assistance. 

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