5 Ways to Increase Sales with Your Point of Sale (POS)! 2022 Guide!

5 Ways to Increase Sales with Your Point of Sale (POS)! 2022 Guide!

Take Advantage of the SALE in Point of Sale

Your Point of Sale (POS) isn’t called a point of sale for nothing. Though many restaurant merchants see the POS as just another tool for business productivity, a modern, cloud-based POS can actually bolster your business efficiency while also improving your sales! That’s right, if you’ve been using your POS just to accomplish basic tasks in your restaurant, you could be missing out on some sweet sales opportunities! 

Let’s take a look at 5 easy ways you can get your POS to work for you and boost your sales in 2022!

Efficient POS point of sale

1. Efficiency and Automation

Did you know your POS can actually automate basic tasks to boost efficiency? For example, with a modern, cloud-based POS, your wait staff can take an order on an iPad POS and that order can fire instantly to the kitchen, or be sent to managers for approval. You can even add things like combos and modifiers! How does this boost efficiency? Well, your staff don’t need to physically write down anything, so anyone with terrible handwriting won’t be a liability to your restaurant. Your POS will also negate staff having to run back and forth from the dining area and kitchen to deliver tickets. This saves time and reduces errors, which means customers are served faster, which leads to quicker table turnover. All this generates greater sales! And this is just one example of boosted efficiency through automation! The possibilities are endless!

2. Integrated Payment Flexibility

Remember the old adage cash is king? Well, that’s likely no longer true because people prefer plastic and digital these days. We’re not saying that cash shouldn’t be accepted, but what we are saying is that a modern POS should let you accept multiple forms of payment tender. This will make customers feel more comfortable, convenience and at ease in your restaurant. Payment flexibility is one of the keys to boosting sales since customers who cannot pay with their preferred tender method will likely pick the competition over your business, which is bad for sales. Ultimately, cash isn’t king, the customer is king, so make them feel like royalty by giving them a choice of flexible payment types to ensure they'll continue offering you their patronage!

POS customer loyalty program

3. Loyalty and CRM

One of the best ways to increase sales is to build customer loyalty, and your POS can certainly help you to do that! By having integrated loyalty systems and customer relationship management (CRM) inbuilt, you can offer awesome discounts, reward points and great benefits to loyal customers. You can also learn more about what customers are buying in the process, and tailor your items accordingly. For example, when loyalty customers make a purchase, you will know what the spend amount is, what the purchase frequency for that customer is, how many people in their party, what items they order, and much more. These data points can be compared across all your loyalty customers to paint a vivid picture of what items you should be selling and pushing, and what items you might want to consider scrapping. Streamline your menu and offer customers what they want for better sales. Also, by targeting customers with relevant emails and ads (based on CRM and loyalty data)  you can show them items and promotions that are likely to have them returning to your business to boost your sales. 

4. You Should Feel the Need for Speed!

Speed is one of the simplest ways to increase sales in a restaurant. A POS that doesn’t lag and chug away, is one of the simplest ways to boost speed. Since your POS is the central hub of your restaurant business, it needs to be quick, snappy and efficient. Use a cloud-based iPad POS to achieve extra speed so that transactions, payments and orders are all completed in the snap of a finger. Not only will this improve the customer experience and make them more likely to return, but it makes your restaurant operate at greater efficiency. Boosted efficiency passively helps with turnover and increases sales as a by-product. 

5. Scalability as You Grow

The whole point of opening a restaurant business is to grow and achieve success so that more customers can enjoy your amazing food. However, some POS systems are not equipped to handle your success and end up dragging you down as you reach for the stars. Ensure you have a POS system, like a cloud-based iPad POS, so you can ensure your restaurant growth can genuinely lead to more sales. What do we mean by this? Well, cloud-based POS systems have means to facilitate growth. For example, modules that can be added into your plan, new features that you can use as you expand, enterprise options for if you open multiple restaurants and feature updates that give you quality of life improvements and keep up with the latest market requirements. All these things, when done right, give restaurant businesses the tools for growth and to handle more sales. Getting more sales should be a good thing, but if your system can’t handle it or help promote it, then maybe it’s time to get yourself a POS that works hard for your business growth and doesn’t require you to compromise to accommodate its shortcomings. 

More sales means more cash

Let Your Point of Sale (POS) Generate Sales

What’s the point of having a POS if it’s not going to help you generate sales? Even if your business is running like a well-oiled machine, if its engine is broken, it can never truly gain traction and accelerate. Your POS should be like the powerplant of your business, serving as a catalyst of quick growth and traction with customers. By using your POS in the above 5 ways, or getting a new one that can offer you the above 5 benefits, you’ll have the means to turn your restaurant into a roaring success as you watch your sales figures climb!

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