RBHK Expo 2016

RBHK Expo 2016

This year the Restaurant and Bar Hong Kong Expo was all about marketing for us. We have already gained a lot of interest in our product thanks to its technical capabilities, but we needed to start focusing a little more on branding and showing off the versatility of our products.

In addition to the Eats365-themed booth, we also installed several modules for customers to see in action and test out, should they wish. We learned from past expos that customers respond well to live demos of our products so that they can see the effectiveness and judge whether our products are the correct fit for their businesses.

This year, we also had more staff on hand to talk to customers and answer their questions. Learning from last year’s expo, we realized that leaving customers unattended for too long would result in decreased interest. We also brought along a few key members of the Eats365 development team to answer more in-depth questions for curious customers. 

In terms of branding, uniforms, décor and presentation, we adopted our usual orange and white theme. This extended into every facet of our booth so that there was a sense of cohesion for new customers and familiarity for older customers. 

Over the course of the expo, we managed to garner a lot of interest thanks to the live demos that were available for customers to try out. Our range of modules also seemed to impress customers, many of whom revealed that they really liked the idea of having a system that could be tailor-built for them. By being open and upfront about costs and pricing, we were able to gain trust and orders. 

In the end, our team performed excellently and we achieved our mission of marketing our product better. By showing customers the versatility of Eats365’s system and how they could pick and choose the modules they wanted, we were able to push up interest. By also reinforcing our marketing message and image, we stuck in the minds of new customers which will hopefully lead to more interest down the line. 

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