RBHK Expo 2015

A great chance to boost customer engagement.

We set of for the Restaurant and Bar Hong Kong Expo with the aim of increasing customer engagement and spreading word about our POS system and its benefits. Expos like this are a great way to meet industry veterans, newcomers and the general public. Given that this was an expo based around the F&B industry, we knew that much of our target demographic in Hong Kong would be present.

In order to capitalize on this event and to gain the greatest coverage possible, we set up a large booth with our company color scheme so that people would immediately recognize us if they had already heard of us previously. In a space full of competing vendors, it was extremely important for us to not only stand out, but to provide a unique customer experience that would be remembered at the end of the expo.

This iteration of the expo was a great chance to increase awareness of what our POS system could offer to customers, and allowing people from different F&B industries to get their hands on our iPad-based POS system and have a go on it themselves. Not only did this help legitimize our product in the minds of customers, but they could also judge for themselves if it was superior to what they were currently using.

The booth was also filled with décor that provided additional information. We wanted people to visit our booth and have something to read and be engaged with if our staff could not immediately assist them. When our staff did engage with customers, we ensured they showed demos of features useful to individual customers’ needs and also highlighted the potential benefits of switching to our system. 

We also handed out flyers and a few small promotional items to make sure that after all the hustle and bustle of the expo, customers would still remember us. 

The experience, as a whole, was very positive. We managed to garner plenty of interest, showcase how much our product had evolved from the year before and highlight some of the new things we were working on. Customers certainly seemed to respond well to being able to try out our product, which legitimized it in their eyes. 

Despite being absolutely knackered at the end of the expo, it was definitely a job well done. 

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