Kitchen Display System: The Must-have Kitchen Aid Device For Restaurant Chefs

Implementing a KDS kitchen aid in your restaurant can lead to huge speed boosts in efficiency. Here's how.

kitchen aids help restaurant chefs cook food faster

Kitchen Display System: The Amazing Kitchen Aid Device Helping Chefs Cook Great Food Quickly

In the fast-paced world of modern restaurants, chefs need all the help they can get to cook great food quickly and efficiently. That's where the Kitchen Display System comes in. This versatile kitchen aid device can help your chefs keep track of orders, quickly correct errors and view incoming orders in ways that benefit their working style. If you're looking to streamline your restaurant's cooking process and produce amazing dishes, then a Kitchen Display System is a must-have. Read on to learn more about this handy device and how it can benefit your business.


What is a Kitchen Display System?

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is an interactive, digital device (like an iPad) that helps restaurant chefs manage incoming and outgoing orders, track progress and streamline the cooking process. KDS devices are typically mounted on a wall in the kitchen area and display information such as items per order, order histories and even timers to keep track of how long a table's order has been waiting for. They can be used to completely eliminate the reliance on kitchen tickets, or can work harmoniously in tandem with kitchen tickets, too.

Can a Kitchen Display System Really help Your Chefs Cook Food Faster?

Kitchen Display Systems genuinely offer incredible management tools so restaurant chefs can efficiently and quickly cook food. The right KDS can streamline the cooking process by consolidating orders, organizing them according to tables and providing cooks with valuable information such as time of order received, individual items per order and waiting time per order. Kitchen staff can quickly identify what needs to be cooked and in what order to meet guests’ expectations for timing and quality. Additionally, this system integrates with other restaurant tech such as a POS or Eats365 Biz, making it easier for staff to keep track of orders regardless of whether they are placed on-premise or online.


4 Ways a KDS Kitchen Aid Can Improve How Efficiently Your Kitchen Operates

1. Customized Order View Options to Fit Your Chefs' Workflow

A Kitchen Display System gives chefs the freedom to interact with their orders in a way that is comfortable and efficient. The system provides several different viewing modes, such as waiting time, category, table or chronological order which can be quickly switched between by kitchen staff. Furthermore, it allows them to assign colors to indicate how long orders have been left waiting, removing the need for cluttered paper tickets. This helps to streamline their workflow and ensure meals are served quickly with utmost quality.

kitchen aids let you serve food faster for happy customers

2.Real-Time Kitchen Aid Communication Leads to Fewer Delays

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) enables restaurants to provide quick and accurate communication regarding orders from front of house ordering systems such as POS, mPOS, PhotoMenu, Scan to Order and Self-Service Kiosks. This real-time connection ensures that orders are sent directly to the kitchen with no delay or risk of clutter due to paper tickets or broken printers.


3.Speed Up How Your Kitchen Operates

Once your Kitchen Display System is set up just right, it gives your chefs a powerful efficiency and organisational boost that almost guarantees a positive bump in food prep and cooking time.

kitchen aids offer key datapoints for chefs

4.Access Important Data to Refine Performance

A Kitchen Display System allows your restaurant's managers and chefs to keep track of how long orders take to prep. Analyze this data to monitor staff efficiency or to identify items that take too long to prepare to be worth keeping in your menu. 


Key Features You Should Look for When Choosing a KDS Kitchen Aid to Cook Food Faster

Track Orders Effectively in the Kitchen

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) registers what time an order is entered

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) registers what time an order is bumped

Set a timer to change the color of an order if it hasn’t been bumped after a specified period of time


Switch Between View Modes On the Fly on the KDS

Set orders to be sorted by waiting time in seconds

Set orders to be sorted by category in seconds

Set orders to be sorted by table in seconds

Set orders to be sorted by chronological order in seconds


View Relevant Order Items Only

Specify which kitchen department each Kitchen Display System is assigned to

Only receive relevant order items to your kitchen department

Assign multiple kitchen departments to a single display


Solve Errors Quickly

Comprehensive order history for easy tracking

Recall bumped items from order history to make amendments 

Orders change color based on waiting time

Prioritize orders that have been waiting too long 

which restaurant types can kitchen aids help?

What Types of Restaurants Can Benefit from Using a Kitchen Display System?

While almost any type of restaurant can benefit from using a Kitchen Display System to speed up the cooking process, the following restaurant types can stand to see a substantial increase:


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