Eats365's Online Solution a Huge Success at RBHK 2020!

Eats365's RBHK 2020 Mission: To get Restaurants Online and Succeed in Today's New Normal

RBHK 2020 managed to attract influential retailers and industry leaders under one roof with the goal of learning, sharing ideas and experiencing the latest technologies and F&B solutions. 

This year, Eats365 was dedicated to showcasing the tools that Hong Kong's restaurants require to succeed in today's turbulent market. With quick-service and table-service demo stations, our staff showed plenty of business owners the benefits of running a cloud-based POS integrated with useful modules and powerful features. 

Online business is the new normal. Thus, the Eats365 team also demonstrated how online technologies like food delivery and BYOD are directly integrated into the Eats365 POS. Eats365's food delivery feature allows merchants to receive online orders, select the fairest-priced courier option and have food efficiently delivered to a larger customer base. BYOD gives customers the freedom to interact with your business directly through their smart devices.

During the expo, Eats365 received plenty of positive feedback from customers with regards to the new technologies on offer.

With RBHK 2020's goal being to "restart and reconnect" Hong Kong's F&B industry, Eats365 offers the perfect platform for restaurants to restart their business and reconnect with customers

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