5 Reasons Why We Chose Apple's iPad

How an iPad POS benefits our customers

One need only look at the sensational headlines of Apple becoming the [1] world's first trillion-dollar company to come to the obvious conclusion that Apple products are popular. This couldn't have been more evident as Apple announced its newest line-up to much fanfare on October 30th, 2018. As one of the world's most recognizable brands, Apple is an industry name that conjures up images of reliability, security and great design. With that being said, let's take a deeper dive into why we believe an iPad is the best platform for a modern-day POS.

1. Interface

This goes back to the simple fact that Apple products are used the world-over and are built with user-friendliness in mind. Simple gestures, intuitive layouts and a familiar feel ensure that anyone picking up an iPad POS will instantly feel at home. Not only that, with a staggering  [2] 360 million iPads sold since 2012, you can be guaranteed that your staff and customers, alike, will have had some exposure to this popular device. Said exposure is important for a few reasons; firstly, staff require less training on a device they are already used to. Our POS builds on Apple's interface and is easy for new staff to quickly understand and master. After all, tapping on a screen is far simpler than dealing with a traditional POS. Secondly, customers can easily interact with some of the modules we offer, as well. For example, our PhotoMenu allows customers to easily browse through menu items and place their own orders in a way that feels organic and natural. A smooth interface is everything in helping wait staff turn tables faster!

2. Easy Setup

If you own an iPad, there's really nothing stopping you from being up and running in a few minutes. As long as you have already signed up for your account, or registered for a free trial, you simply need to download the app and activate your account. We wanted to offer this level of setup convenience to our customers, many of whom simply don't have the time to bother with massive downtimes because of POS setup. Another bonus is that there is no on-site server required for setup. This means that unlike other POS platforms that offer quick setup, using an iPad POS takes that to a whole new level. We're talking minutes rather than hours, days or months. Now that's efficiency.

3. Updates Are Just a Download Away

As technology and software evolves, so must a top-notch POS (iPhone X fans will get that horrible pun). Traditional POS systems are stuck with the technology built into them, which means that as tech evolves, the POS becomes redundant. The beauty of using an iPad as the base for our POS is that we can roll out new features and updates regularly so that our customers will never be stuck with a POS that's out of date. Essentially, a simple download can ensure our customers never have to settle for redundancy and can remain on the cutting-edge of POS tech without having to replace their system.

4. Syncing-Up With the Cloud

The cloud was one of the most important reasons why we opted to develop our POS on the iPad. Not only does the cloud mitigate the need for an on-site server, but it also allows businesses with multiple locations to sync-up all their data instantly. This means that restaurant chain operators can have access to data from all locations with no hassle. Important stats and figures can be pulled up instantly for better restaurant and customer management. Customers can even roll out PhotoMenu changes instantly across all their restaurant's menus. In addition, our customers can also opt to see what items are in stock thanks to the cloud. 

5. Flexibility

We wanted our POS to be as usable and flexible for our customers as possible. Using certain stands and mounts, you can have your iPad POS stationary and in any position you choose. It can also be used portably for quick tableside order-taking. Thanks to the flexibility of the iPad, we have also developed a series of modules that run directly on the iPad, as well, making it the ultimate useful F&B tool. Modules like our Queue Ticket Kiosk, eSignage, Customer Facing Display, Expedite Display, Kitchen Display System and Self-Service Kiosk are all run from an iPad, giving our customers ultimate flexibility with their iPads. 

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[2] https://www.lifewire.com/how-many-ipads-sold-1994296

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