2017’s Most Interesting Food Trends that Still Exist Today

What were the coolest and most popular food fads of 2017? Let’s take a look.

1. Edible Cookie Dough

As weird as it sounds, edible cookie dough turned into a huge trend, especially among millennials. Even  now, there are entire shops dedicated to selling nothing but cookie dough. Several recipes are also appearing online so that regular folk at home can have a go at making their favorite childhood treat. 

2. Pasta Alternatives

In order to indulge a little, but not too much, people really took to the idea of substituting traditional pasta with a multitude of other things. Be it vegetable noodles or pasta made of healthier grains, like quinoa, this trend is certainly still alive and kicking today because of its diversity. There are so many ways to prepare alternate pastas that it can be a great option for vegetarians, vegans, people with allergies and those who just want a healthy meal option.

3. Pickled Everything

A craze that was kick-started by a growing love of kimchi has only continued to explode in popularity. Thanks to their gut-friendly properties, pickling all types of vegetables has now become not only trendy, but a great way to keep stomachs healthy. Best of all, making a great pickled dish is relatively easy and inexpensive, though it does require some time. 

4. Bugs

Yeah, we know. Just the mention of bugs anywhere near the dinner table can turn off even the most seasoned food warrior. However, with sustainability continuing to be such a hot-button topic and with our greater focus on animal welfare, eating bugs seems like a logical way forward. With the knowledge that [1] “insects now come in pulverised powder form,” we could start seeing insect dishes that look nothing like the ingredients they were made from. 

 5. Olive Oil Substitutes

Olive oil is so popular these days it’s hard to ever imagine a time where it was not mainstream. However, with other oils touting a large array of health benefits, olive oil started taking a back seat in 2017. [2]“Oil alternatives, such as avocado oil, coconut oil, and hemp oil, are gaining in popularity,” which means olive oil's throne could be usurped soon. Once these other oils start gaining more traction and reducing in price, we could see a lot more healthy oils entering the market and becoming popular. 

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