Stuck at Home for the Holidays? Here are 5 Unique Christmas Takeaway Options in Hong Kong

Stuck at Home for the Holidays? Here are 5 Unique Christmas Takeaway Options in Hong Kong

The festive season is fast approaching. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances brought about by COVID-19, all Hong Kong restaurants must shut by 6pm. While it is certainly possible to book an early Christmas dinner in advance at your favorite restaurants, availability may be limited since restaurants can no longer operate at full capacity. It is therefore likely that many families will spend Christmas at home this year; so Eats365 has curated a special list of 5 brilliant delivery/takeaway meals that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

1. Little Mario’s Pizzeria

Little Mario’s Pizzeria has specially prepared a sumptuous Christmas set this year that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. The order period lasts until January 3rd 2021, but each item is very limited and is subject to being sold out.

*Christmas TURKEY (Herbs, Lemon, Garlic) (5-6kg) 

* Christmas gammon HAM paired with Denver’s sauce (~2kg) 

* Christmas herb-infused CHICKEN (~1.4kg) 

* Christmas SALMON finely coated with special herbs (700gr) 

Each Christmas dish is accompanied with house roasted vegetables - brussels sprouts, carrots, potatoes.

You can opt to order side dishes which include:

1) Baked Rosemary Potatoes 

2) Creamy Spinach 

3) Xmas Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad 

4) Cranberry Pumpkin Salad with Ruccola 

Special side dishes:

5) Cold Cuts Platter - Smoked Salmon, Salami, Parma Ham, mortadella, mozarella, olives 

6) Xmas Log Cake 

*Must book 3 days in advance*

Little Mario takeaway page and more dishes:

2. Honbo

Honbo (which means burger in Cantonese) is a Hong Kong burger joint that celebrates the classic American burger. Honbo’s burgers are known for their simple, yet delicious taste as they have curated a unique all-natural potato milk bun recipe and import all their Double Gold American beef from Wisconsin. 

To date, Honbo has lauded plenty of praise from industry experts including:

"The Best Burgers in Hong Kong"


"The 7 Best Burgers in Hong Kong."


Honbo’s Christmas special this year is its signature 1.5 burger set. Below is Honbo’s description of the set:

“The combo comes with our signature Honbo 1.5 burger, golden crispy French fries and a Honbo Milkshake IPA. The Honbo 1.5 comes with 3 x 2oz double gold smashed patty, 2 pieces of American cheese, all sandwiched between our homemade potato bun.”

HONBO takeaway page and more dishes

3. Protein and Plants

In recent years, vegetarianism and veganism have been on the rise. Protein and Plants caters to this growing segment of the population by offering delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes that are packed full of flavor and nutrition. This year, Protein and Plants are promoting the concept of a “meat-free Christmas.” 

Why not try one of Protein and Plants’ delicious burgers this Christmas? Not only is it a mouthwatering, healthy alternative to traditional burgers, but it is also a great, environmentally-friendly option.

The P&P impossible burger is described as 

“Our burgers are made with Impossible Meat, vegan bun, vegan cheese and the P&P signature sauce is the soul of a burger. They are a great healthy alternative to the traditional burger - greasy, high in fats, high in cholesterol.”

P&P takeaway page and more dishes

4. Siam Noodles

If you’re craving an authentic slice of Thailand this Christmas, look no further than Siam Noodles. Their signature Thai-style original Boston lobster boat noodle dish is sure to leave you feeling warm and satisfied in Hong Kong’s winter months. Made with premium and authentic ingredients, Siam Noodles brings a taste of Thailand directly to your home this Christmas!

Siam Noodles page and more dishes


FAMALAND’s ‘Family Christmas’ meal focuses on creating a Christmas meal with a Chinese fusion twist! For those who like a new experience that bucks traditional trends, this meal set is for you! Able to serve six people, you can select the perfect components create a night in that will be just as special as going out. 

*You must order this at least 2 days in advance

The set includes:


Black truffle crab meat spring rolls 

Golden xiao long bao

Peking duck


Red wine steamed fresh crab


Stir-fried glutenous rice with fresh crab

Local green beans


Chorizo fried rice


Chocolate glutenous rice balls

FAMALAND takeaway page and more dishes

*All pictures used with permission of relevant restaurants

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