What Are POS Integrations and 5 Ways They Will Benefit Your Business

Just how versatile can a POS be with integrations?

POS systems have been getting more and more capable and useful over time. Gone are the days when your POS was only good for counting cash and recording transactions. Now, POS systems can do everything from managing customer loyalty to offering you insights into your business' performance. While many of these additional features can be baked in directly to your POS' software, others have to be integrated  through partnerships with external companies. It is these integrations and partnerships that are slowly beginning to transform POS systems, once more, into an even more potent and necessary component of any successful F&B business' arsenal.  

This article will take a look at five ways in which POS integrations are a must-have for any modern F&B business. 


Owning a POS that can 'do it all' is really a necessity in today's demanding F&B environment. With customer engagement required to be at an all-time high, a business that does not have a versatile set of tools at its disposal will simply get left behind. By using a POS that has integrations, a larger spectrum of tasks can be completed, while also ensuring that the best experience is provided to customers, staff and owners. A versatile POS that supports integrations can have features that allow owners to keep track of finances, CRM and other relevant business data. It can provide staff with a system that is feature-rich and that makes their lives easier, while also providing things like payment integration and loyalty programs so that customers can benefit from greater brand engagement. 


One of the most frustrating things about technology these days is the rate at which new tech becomes obsolete. Often, it is in the very business model of tech companies to ensure that their products are less-appealing over time, so that customers have to buy new products. This type of planned obsolescence is absent from POS systems with integrations. Firstly, the POS and its integrations are software-based, which means that even if your hardware is obsolete, your POS system can keep up with the times. Still, running a POS through an app on something like an iPad is possible even on older models, which is an additional perk. However, the most important thing to note is that POS with integration capabilities can keep adding new features and functions, which will be available to customers through a simple download. Such upgrades allow the software to keep evolving organically as newer and better features enter the market. 


The fact that you can get all the functionality you need through a single POS ensures that costs are kept low. Most POS providers will offer discounts based on what exactly your business needs. Best of all, it is usually the case that as new features roll out, they will not cost you extra. This certainly beats having to source all your required functionality from different vendors, which could result in you having to pay multiple times for things you may not even need in the long-run.

4.One System 

The simplicity and convenience of having all your business' tech run on a single system is often underappreciated, but its importance cannot be overstated. The speed and efficiency experienced when all aspects of your business are 'talking' to one another and sharing information can help reduce errors and workload. For example, if a waiter takes an order through their mPOS, the order automatically gets sent to the POS without needing to re-enter it manually. Once the order has been approved, the same order can be directly sent to the kitchen staff through a Kitchen Display System. If customers are queuing, you can manage queue statuses and check table vacancies all directly through your POS. Checking member statuses and topping up loyalty programs? All that can also be done through your POS, as well. It's amazing to think that all integrations -even external ones- can run seamlessly through a single, convenient system. 

5.Boosted Operational Efficiency 

One of the major benefits of having access to a vast range of integrations is that it will undoubtedly boost operational efficiency. Given that integrations are designed to make life easier for all parties involved, previously-complex things now become simpler. Your staff will have far less to worry about since the POS acts like a central hub from which you can manage almost any part of your business from. Everything from having an overview of table statuses to order history to customer loyalty, queuing and even menu customization ensures that your staff will have an easier time of keeping track of the nitty-gritty. This means that your staff can spend more time focusing on important things like increasing the customer experience and boosting turnover. 

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