Top Instagram Travel Foodie Accounts

Get one of your restaurant’s dishes featured on these accounts and become a sensation

Instagram may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s undeniable that the photo-based social media platform is having a huge impact on the food world. With world-famous chefs like Massimo Bottura owning Instagram accounts, it’s time you hopped on the bandwagon and got some free publicity.

Given that food is now one of the most popular subjects on Instagram, this could be the perfect way for you to market. So, create an account and post some photos, because we’re about to share with you a selection of the top Instagram foodies that you definitely want to get noticed by.

Alifewortheating- Adam Goldberg, a software engineer, shares snapshots of stunning scenery along with delicious food. This foodie travels the world in search of the best ways to make travellers and foodies alike green with envy.

Life&thyme- This account belongs to a Los Angeles magazine with a core focus on international food. The account searches the globe for the most intriguing restaurants and food to showcase on their account.

Faimfatale- Deana Saukam owns this account and as a restaurant owner, herself, she knows good food when she sees it. Her account shows off the food she discovers when traveling the world with her fiancée.

Pissinginthepunchbowl- Marcus Nilsson from New York documents the amazing landscapes and (more importantly) the food and drink he discovers while on the road.

Migrationology- Mark Weins has made a name for himself by traveling arouns Asia and showing off some of its most pure and famous cuisine. Definitely worth trying to get his attention if you’re based in Asia

2foodtrippers- These two foodies show off bright and colourful food as they travel the world.

drinkaroundtheworld- This account, as its name suggests, is based around drinks that can be procured from around the globe. Paired with beautiful backdrops, this is a great way to make your restaurant or bar pop.

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