New Feature: Input and Call Any Number from the Expedite App to the Pickup Display

Support pickup from third-party delivery companies seamlessly with flexible order numbers

New Feature: Call any number

Support Pickup Orders Beyond Just Your Restaurant

While automatically-generated pickup numbers are great if your customers always collect their food in-person, this isn’t the reality for most restaurants. To make it easier to facilitate third-party delivery, you can now input order numbers that correspond to third-party pickup numbers so that delivery drivers know exactly which orders they are supposed to collect and deliver.


3 Awesome Benefits You can Expect from this Update

1. Flexibility to seamlessly create order numbers for customer pickup and delivery driver pickup

2. Support for third-party pickup orders, even if they are not integrated with your POS system

3. Greater convenience and fewer errors with order pickups/delivery

type in any number to for pickup screen

How to Activate this Feature


1. Tap on the settings cog in the top right of your Expedite App

2. Toggle on the “Call any number in Now Calling Screen”

3. Tap on “Done” to complete and save your changes

activate call any number expedite app
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