HOFEX 2019: Powering the Future of Dining

A showcase of how Eats365 is developing a futuristic POS ecosystem

HOFEX 2019 has come and gone, and we wholeheartedly thank all of you who came to visit us during this F&B tech showcase. As with previous years, we dedicated our booth to presenting our latest innovations and offerings. However, this year, we chose to fine-tune our focus more on how we are 'powering the future of dining'. 

Partners and Integration

Working with the best in the industry lets us integrate the most powerful features and software into our all-encompassing solution. One of the biggest benefits we offer our customers is having all their needs managed under one single system. By showcasing what we can accomplish within our solution - with the aid of our partners, we were able to give our customers a preview of how the future of dining should look. Essentially, the future enables customers to enjoy all the features they need in one, simple-to-use POS solution with little hassle in the process. No fussing about with multiple, isolated systems, no clunky on-site servers and quick updates for scalability, new features and future-proofing.

Product Demonstrations

There's no point in talking about the future without showing exactly what 'the future' means for Eats365 and our customers. This is why we set up more of our products, services and offerings than ever before so that our customers could immerse themselves in the full Eats365 experience. Everything from automated kiosk services to payment platforms and kitchen management modules were made available for our customers to examine and use at their own leisure. Our team of helpful staff were also always around to offer assistance and explanations whenever needed. 

Customer Testimonials

A product that's untested can often make customers wary of being the first to try it out. This is why we made sure to include videos of customer success stories at our booth so that new customers could be certain that our products and services have been market tested and are working effectively. Featuring customers like The Coffee Academics, a high-end coffee chain operating in Asia, we were able to give new customers the confidence they needed to know that our products work as advertised, while also showcasing that Eats365 is committed to delivering the best POS experience possible. 


On the customer-side, we have been developing more BYOD options and integrations to increase convenience. Through QR Code scanning, customers can use their own phones to access menus, product pricing and general information about restaurants who opt to use this feature. BYOD is also invaluable in increasing the efficiency of a restaurant as it provides instant communication between customers and the Back of House through order-taking and payment information transfer. This new technology is certainly something to keep an eye on for the future of dining. 

The Full Picture

We know that explaining all the features of our POS solution at a busy event like HOFEX is near-impossible.  This is why we produced high-quality informational materials for interested parties to keep. We ensured these materials were available in both English and Chinese, so that we would be able to capture a wider share of Hong Kong's F&B market. 

If you wish to know more about how Eats365 can help your business enter the future of dining, don't hesitate to contact us here

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