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Increase Staff Productivity

Give your restaurant staff the tools they need to always perform their best. Eats365's POS system helps F&B businesses reduce order-taking errors, efficiently manage tables and boost kitchen performance.

Table Management Maestro

Table status
Floorplan Management
Give your staff a full view of what's going on in your restaurant. Set different areas, the number of tables and even choose the number of floors in your restaurant. You have the flexibility of managing everything right down to the shape and capacity of each table.
Take out and Delivery
Make your business as versatile as possible and choose between takeout and delivery modes directly from the POS, you can now manage different sets of orders in an organized and systematic way.
Transfer, Merge and Share Tables
Let your customers sit where and how they like. With our POS, your waiters can quickly transfer, merge or share tables to make the best use of your restaurant's space and meet the needs of customers. 
Color-Coded Statuses
Staff can proactively manage tables to offer the best customer experience possible while utilizing maximum efficiency. Tables are highlighted in different colors to indicate useful information such as which customers are waiting on meals, which tables need their bills, which tables need cleaning and which are empty.
Integrated Queuing System
Seat customers faster by managing queues directly from your POS. Our intuitive queuing system lets your staff see queue ticket numbers, how many people per party and elapsed waiting times. You can then directly assign seats as desired which automatically updates across the system.
Manage Kitchen Stations
Want certain tickets and items to go to different kitchen stations? You can set up specific kitchen stations and set items to be fired to those stations, exclusively.

Orders Made Easy

Easily take orders
Hold/Fire Items
You can manually hold items and fire them when necessary. This level of control means that orders won't be prepped too early and take up valuable kitchen time.
Set your restaurant apart from the competition by offering full course meals. Each course can be tracked to ensure the smoothest possible table service. Your staff can even review which course a table is on as it will be highlighted a different color per course on the POS. 
Switch Menus Easily
Switch between different menus as you see fit. This can be applicable to seasonal menus, lunch and dinner menus, special menus and a whole range of others.
Always Current
Your POS and PhotoMenus will always display the latest items and can be set to remove sold-out items. You can easily update all your menus at once (by adding, deleting or altering items ) without having to waste time and money to print new ones.
Hidden Sold-out Items
Sold-out items can be set to no longer appear on POS and PhotoMenus when they are out of stock. This ensures customers aren't left disappointed if their orders are no longer available.

No More Kitchen Chaos

Organized kitchen
All Orders in One Place
Modernize your kitchen by having all orders synchronized and visible on as many screens as required.  Your chefs will have access to vital order information so they can manage what orders to cook, optimize when to cook each order, all without messy kitchen tickets. 
View Orders by Category, Table or Time
Your kitchen staff can choose from a variety of ways to view incoming orders. These include waiting time, category, table or chronological order.

Instant Order Delivery
Kitchen staff receive orders instantly once they have been made. Staff no longer have to flit between the kitchen and Front of House to deliver kitchen tickets.
Color-Coded Orders
Orders will appear highlighted in different colors to indicate useful information about the order. This allows for easier management of orders.
Real Time Order Updates
Don't let an error cripple your kitchen. If an order is edited after it has been placed, your kitchen staff immediately see this change and can act accordingly. This saves time and boosts efficiency.
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