Eats365 Cloud POS Dining System

Cloud-Based iPad POS (Point of Sale) System: Top Choice of Hong Kong Restaurant Owners and the Essential Technology for Dine-In Management:

  1. Core Module POS : Table Management , Support Offline Operation
  2. Expansion Modules : Self-Ordering , Scan to Order, Kitchen Management, Queuing System,  Signage & Display and more unique modules
  3. Third Party Integration : 15 + Online & Offline Payment, Reservation System, CRM, OpenRice & Foodpanda and 60+ comprehensive third-party integration
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Why You Should Choose Eats365?

stable & flexible solution

Scalable & Flexible Solution

Freely choose the most suitable Expansion Module, such as mobile ordering or a kitchen management system, and comprehensive third-party integration solutions, like a reservation system or membership management, to integrate all restaurant operations into one system. Plus, you can expand your Eats365 POS modules according to your budget at any time, creating a tailored POS solution that best suits your restaurant's needs.

3-level ecosystem

3-Level Ecosystem

Experience maximum efficiency and flexibility with Eats365's 3-level ecosystem. Benefit from the Core POS system with over 100 functions, customizable expansion modules, and seamless integration with multiple technologies. Providing ultimate control over every aspect of your restaurant operations.

for all sizes

For All Sizes

Whether you're a single restaurant, a small or medium-sized chain, or an enterprise, deploying Eats365's restaurant solution is easy and can be adjusted based on your specific needs. Our system supports multiple structures for restaurant groups, allowing office or owners to remotely monitor operational data for individual stores (such as revenue, average order value, daily foot traffic, inventory, and more than a dozen reports). You can also set backend report permissions for different employee levels, enabling comprehensive management of multiple brands and locations and leading your restaurant to painless growth!

Continuous Updates and Optimisations

Continuous Updates and Optimisations

Eats365 continues to study latest market trends and incorporates the results into the research and development of new products and new functions. In order to assist restaurants to lay out the new era of catering as early as possible, our R&D team continues to launch new products that best meet industry trends, while actively listening to user feedback. All new products and functions are launched after a rigorous R&D and testing process. Updates and optimizations are not only fast, but also uncompromising in quality.

365 days customer support

365 Days Technical Support

Eats365 has the most responsible after-sales team, offering in-store consultations for free, real-time online customer service support, and on-site system training. Our after-sales service has no hidden charges and includes hardware maintenance and equipment rental services during repairs. It is the responsibility of the Eats365 team to solve any operational issues for our customers!

stable and well-developed

Stable & Well Developed

Since its establishment in 2014, "system stability" has always been a core strength of Eats365. With nearly a decade of experience, the brand has earned the trust of over 5000 restaurant owners worldwide. You can rely on our POS system to handle busy periods without crashing or experiencing slow response times. Even if you can't connect to the network, our POS system supports an offline mode to ensure basic on-site ordering operations. Once reconnected, the system will automatically synchronize with the cloud and upload data.

Eats365 Cloud POS | Suitable for all types of Restaurants

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