Bar POS System

Set a New Bar and Watch your Profits Flow

Making sure customers are kept satisfied and happy is very important in a bar setting. Eats365's bar POS platform offers a potent mix of useful tools and convenient features that will have your staff and customers, alike, buzzing. Not only does our bar POS system improve organization, but it also allows staff to be more mobile and form personal connections with customers.

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Reduce your Workload with our Bar POS

Our bar POS system helps you reduce your workload so that you can spend more time ensuring customers are enjoying themselves. 

Smooth Order-taking

Other POS systems for bars are often limited in scope. With our bar POS, You can set up combos and modifiers, customize menu buttons, split items into categories and types and more. These features ensure that taking orders is as smooth as possible for greater customer satisfaction. You can also easily set items to print in different kitchen stations so that food can go directly to the kitchen while drinks go straight to the bar. Your customers can also benefit from the ability to split and merge bills, flexible payment options, discounts, multilingual options and more.

Customize Your menu

By using cloud technology, we can offer you more than other POS systems for bars. Your menu content can be customized, edited and updated whenever you like, wherever you are, and can be done across as many menus as you please.
Analytics and Customer Relationship Management

When it comes time to take care of back-office work, our POS offers deep customer relationship management tools, accounting data, analytics and other useful information - all at your fingertips.

Never Grind to a Halt

Our POS works even when there is no internet connection. All data is stored and then uploaded to the cloud when the internet is back online. In addition, our POS requires no on-site server, ensuring that installation, maintenance and upgrades are hassle-free. 

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Better Customer Interactions with our mPOS

Ensure your customers are given the friendliest treatment possible by using our mPOS system. It fits all the practicality of a standard POS into the form-factor of a mobile phone. Now staff can give attention to your customers by serving them easily at their tables and can strike up conversation because of how easy our mPOS is to use. Our mPOS is also directly linked to all other Eats365 modules for a fully-integrated and seamless experience.

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Part Eats365’s mPOS user interface.
Part Eats365’s PhotoMenu user interface.

Visually Stimulate Customers with our PhotoMenu

Make your menu visually-appealing to customers with our PhotoMenu. By looking at pictures of signature dishes, cocktails and drinks, customers will feel extra enticed to purchase more, increasing your net cashflow. Should your establishment have dim lighting, you can benefit from the backlighting of our PhotoMenu. This ensures your menu is easily visible and does not inconvenience customers. Given that our PhotoMenu is not printed, it is extremely easy to update menu items and even to switch between menus without having to print new ones.

Better Order Management with our Kitchen Display System

Your kitchen staff will be able to manage orders easily as our Kitchen Display System shows all orders in one location. You will have the option to phase out kitchen tickets which can get dirty, lost or in the way of an otherwise smooth service. The Kitchen Display System can be set to best suit your kitchen staff as they can select between four different order-viewing modes: waiting time, category, table or chronological order. Since the Kitchen Display System is integrated into the Eats365 platform, any changes to orders will also show up on the Kitchen Display System in real time.

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Part Eats365’s Kitchen Display System user interface.
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