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Easy Business Management

Exceptional business control put directly in your hands

Full Integration

One System
All Eats365 modules, features and functionality is run through the same system. This level of integration means that data is shared and every component works together as one seamless unit.
Front End and Back Office
Let our POS help you manage not only Front of House operations, but also Back-Office tasks, like keeping track of analytics data, accounting information, customer statistics, best-selling items, employee statistics and more.
Comprehensive Printer Settings
Pair as many printers as you like, assign printers to specific kitchen stations and even customize print receipts to your liking - including multilingual options.
Always Online
Your Business is essentially always online since everything is run on one system. Even when your internet is down, run your business as normal and all the information will be uploaded to the cloud when the internet is back.
Quick-Serve and Table-Service
Our POS has the ability to operate perfectly for quick-serve and table-service businesses. This flexibility lets you boost sales and run your business exactly how you want.

Your Menu Your Way

Easily edit menus
Combos and Modifiers
Easily set up the perfect combos to entice customers, choose when they are available and let the good times roll. In addition, add modifiers to items so that servers can easily take orders exactly as your customers like them.
Customizable Menu Keys
You can choose how your menu keys looks so that the setup is perfect for increasing efficiency. Create your menu design by editing your menu key font size, choosing various color combinations and even adding photos to make your POS work best for you.
Bulk Item Management
Individually managing menus is a drag. We allow you to edit menus in bulk so that you only have to enter in the information once. Now you can add new items, modify prices, delete items and update your menus without having to spend hours to do so.
Item Tracking
Never run out of items again. Our POS keeps count of menu items you specify so that you always know how many you have in stock. You may even have sold-out items disappear to servers don't offer them to customers.
Menu Time Slots
We know that it is often advantageous to offer a different set of menu items at different times of the day. You can set time slots for items of your choice so that they only appear when you want them to.
Set Categories and Product Types
Reduce the time it takes to place orders by organizing your food menu and drinks menu items into categories and product types. Now your wait staff will easily be able to find the items they are looking for and streamline the order-taking process for better customer service.

Empower Your Staff

User and Security Group Management
Choose the level of authority different users have while using your POS. You can set user rights based on your staff chain of command. This also helps with staff training as they will only have access to the tools relevant to their work.
Clock In and Out
Easily keep track of when your staff members begin and end their shifts. Now you will have an accurate measure of staff working hours, amount earned per shift and overall staff performance.
End of Day Report
We create a comprehensive breakdown of the monetary aspects of your business at the end of each day. You will be able to use this information to manage your business better, balance the till and keep a detailed financial record.
Separate Accounts
Assign staff members different accounts so that you can check staff performance and assign various levels of security, as necessary.
Set role permissions

Back-Office Analytics

Analytics anytime, anywhere
Item Analysis
See which items sell the best and how much revenue they bring in over time. Using this information, you can manage your menu and inventory with greater accuracy.
Shift Reports
Keep track of how long your staff work. You can even view reports from specific dates of your choosing for more concise results.

User Reports
Learn how much each member of staff brings in and who your star players are. You will also be able to keep track of each user's earnings per shift and till amounts.
Have access to a plethora of useful figures such as sales reports, best-selling items, discount reports, daily closing reports, sales by period, sales by product type and more.
Mobile Reports
Travel a lot? No problem. You can access all your reporting and sales data from the convenience of your mobile phone.
Multi-restaurant Reports
If you run a chain of restaurants or have multiple businesses, you can track all their data from the comfort of your computer or phone.
BI Reports
Enjoy access to Business Intelligence Reporting whereby we make sense of and bring to life your business figures in the form of graphs, charts and other easy-to-analyze formats. This is a great tool for industry veterans and those just starting a business.
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