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Built For Enterprises

Eats365’s POS solution boosts smaller businesses as they grow, but is ultimately built to meet the needs of large enterprise businesses. Our retinue of exclusive enterprise features allows us to equip you and your business with the tools to take on the challenges that come with running an F&B enterprise. Whether you operate in a single country, or choose to run a multi-region operation, Eats365 has the solution that can help your enterprise expand to new horizons.

Go Global

Global features
Our POS system contains multicurrency support so that your business can operate easily in any currency of your choosing, in any part of the globe.
Our POS system also supports multi-language, which means staff and customers in different parts of the world can have the most comfortable experience by using their own local language.
Multiple International Payment Gateways
Our system is integrated with multiple international payment gateways, which ensures that you can accept local forms of payment and do so within multiple countries around the world.
Report Analytics
When you need to check your reports and figures, you can choose to combine all currencies into a single currency of your choosing so that your reports are standardized, make more sense and are easier to analyze.

3-tier Management Structure

We help you manage your enterprise regardless of your business requirements and style. Eats365’s enterprise offerings allows you to split your business into 3 tiers - Organization, Brand and Shop – which is suitable for multi-brand organizations, multiregional organizations and even franchises.
organization level

Start by managing your business within the Organization-level, where top-level management like business owners and executives to have control over every minute aspect of the business.

Brand level

If your enterprise is split into multiple brands, you can assign staff like brand managers to have Brand-level access, so they can manage each of your brands with ease.

Shop level

You can further assign Shop-level control to shop managers so that they can manage the ins and outs of each shop without hassle.

Menu Management in Minutes

Menu management
Managing your menu across your entire enterprise can be tedious at best and downright impossible at worst. However, our enterprise solution streamlines the entire process so your business can have synchronized menus within minutes!
Menu Template
With our Menu Template offering, you can take a previously-created menu and use that as a base for menu creation. This mitigates the need to create a menu from scratch if you already have one on hand.
Scheduled Menu Updates
You can opt to set scheduled menu updates which automatically synchronizes menus across shops that you choose.
Customise Your Menu Your Way
Directly edit and customize your menus from the Merchant Portal. If you need to edit your menu for just a few shops, an entire country or throughout your entire organization, it can now be done from one place.
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Add Individual Items
When adding individual items, you get to be as specific and detailed as you like. For example, you can add a photo, choose pricing options, set inventory tracking, choose the product type, set a product code, select whether the item is part of a combo, choose its tax group, choose which kitchen station it belongs to, set item modifiers and more.
Create Custom Menus
Many F&B businesses have different menus that they offer customers. Be it a seasonal menu, Happy Hour menu or just something new your business wants to try, you can now easily switch between your menus with ease. Each custom menu can be imprinted with a specific time slot where it is visible, and you can select the categories that should be shown in your custom menu.
Set Discounts
You can choose the types of discounts you want to create and apply them to relevant items. For example, you can set discounts that take off a set amount of value or deduct a set percentage and then apply these discounts to entire bills, single items, categories and more. You can even set complementary items as part of your discount. The flexibility is endless.
Set Product and Sub Product Types
This feature allows you to organize your menu easily. Instead of having your items listed haphazardly, setting them up by product types like ‘Beverages’ and ‘Food’ ensures your menu has structure. You can further sort items by using Sub Product Types, so in your ‘Beverages’ Product Type you can add things like ‘Hot Beverages’ and ‘Cold Beverages’ and in your ‘Food’ Product Type, you can add Sub Product Types like ‘Appetizers’ and ‘Mains’.
Real-time Menu Updates
Update your menus immediately, after updating or replacing older menus. Your new menu can be directly sent to restaurants locally, or cross-border through a simple, real-time update.
Scheduled Menu Updates
Instead of stressing about waking up early or staying late to ensure al your menus are synchronized, simply schedule menu updates to deploy automatically. This level of automation guarantees that your menus will remain consistent across all your business locations.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Easily Import Your Customer Lists
Setting up a list of customers is a breeze, and saves you the hassle of importing customers one by one. We even have a built-in template that helps organise everything and ensures you have as easy a time as possible.
Know More About Your Customers
We ensure you have full access and complete control of all your customer and membership transaction, sales and purchase data directly through the Merchant Portal. Our comprehensive CRM data allows you to learn about customer spending habits and trends on all levels; including organization, brand and shop levels.
Flexible Membership Plans
Create meaningful membership plans directly from your merchant portal that boost engagement and customer loyalty. You can opt to build membership plans that work via a tier system, credits, points and more. You can also set what type of payment types are valid for earning points, what level of discount you will offer to different tiers of members and how members can top up their points.
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Customer Reports
Dive deep and learn important information about your most valuable customers. You can track individual customer spending habits, pinpoint your highest spenders and check any customer's order history, analytics, basic information and more. This reporting depth can help your business keep abreast of the market latest trends while painting a clear picture of what items your customers love.
Membership Card Top-up
Your members will expect the most convenient service in exchange for their loyalty. Providing a membership card that they can top up quickly is a great way to boost customer investment into your business. you can create, edit and discontinue top-up plans easily all while adding credit or value to a member's card directly via your POS.
Global Capabilities
Should you be running a global enterprise, then this feature is just for you. You can have your loyalty programs work across all of your global locations so that customers always feel at home with your business, no matter where they are.
Cloud Synchronization Across All Your Businesses
Our system uses advanced cloud technology to ensure that your CRM benefits work across all your businesses. This means that your loyalty members and registered customers will be recognized no matter which of your business locations they visit. Furthermore, you will have CRM data from all your businesses at your fingertips whenever you want it.
Tiered Membership Programs
Tiered membership programs offer your business an extra layer of versatility and incentive for customers to spend. We allow your business to split members by tiers whereby you can offer greater rewards to customers in higher tiers. Not only does this highly motivate customers to reach for higher tiers, but it greatly rewards them to boost repeat business. You can create customized discounts for different tiers and offer fully-integrated payment options like credit cards and eWallets.
Loyalty statistics

Reporting Tools

Reporting statistics anytime, anywhere
Multi-country, Unique Reports
Our rich set of reporting data ensures that you can keep track of all your business’ most meaningful statistics. Be it shift reports, item sales, customer analysis, top selling items or even queuing reports, we have your back. Best of all, you can glean all this data even if your enterprise spans across multiple countries.
Access Reporting Data Anytime, Anywhere
Need your reports urgently? We make sure that your data is accessible to you from any device that can connect to the internet. Check your business' reports on the go from your mobile, or in the comfort of your home from your laptop. Whatever the case, you’re always in control.
Set Report Parameters
Want to see reports only for a specific time period? We give you full flexibility to do so. Simply select the relevant dates and you’ll be able to pull up the numbers you need.
BI Reports
Our reports don’t just come to you in the form of difficult-to-understand numbers. We ensure you also have visual representation in the form of graphs and charts. These BI reports help you get a quick overview of your business’ performance without having to go deeper into the numbers, if you don’t want to.
Currency Exchange Rate
If you have multiple businesses across the globe, you can have all currencies converted automatically into one currency of your choice. This makes global reporting far easier to understand and manage.

Staff Management

Add staff
Easily Add and Edit Staff Members

Adding and editing your staff members is simple. Aside from basic criteria like staff names, you can also have full control over whether your staff can access your POS or Merchant Portal. All these things can be edited at any time.

Time clock
Time Clock

Check how often your staff come to work and how long their shifts are. You can see a general overview of all staff, or you can specifically choose to view the statistics for a specific member of staff. This ensures you can monitor and manage your staff to a greater degree.

Organization structure
Organization Structure

We allow you to set your enterprise structure based on 3 levels; Organization, Brand and Shop. With this system, you can easily set the hierarchy of your business to determine which staff can see and access different types of information and features.



Our integration with OpenRice grants restaurants a mobile app experience that improves order-taking. Going mobile has never been easier.

Food Market Hub
Food Market Hub

Food Market Hub integration provides an in-depth inventory tracking experience to our customers. This integration is great for businesses of all sizes who need control over each and every ingredient in their inventory.


Xero integration grants your business the benefit of having detailed sales summaries on a daily basis. Each component of your sales (i.e. subtotal, discounts, returns) will be mapped to its related account in Xero, so that you can easily keep track of your revenue and expenses.


Integrating with Aigens helps bring provide BYOD services to our customers. Since we're in a digital age, BYOD lets customers interact with your restaurant using the power of their own devices.

Chop Stick
Chop Stick

With Chop Stick integration, we are able to provide convenient CRM services to our customers. This ensures that any business can keep patrons happy and win them over for repeat business.

General Benefits

We use multiple levels of encryption-including SSL-to ensure that all your data is safe and protected. SSL is the securest form of encryption, which means no outside parties will be able to tamper with or access your valuable information.
99.99% Uptime Since Launch
We know managing your business is important, which is why we take reliability so seriously. Experiencing practically zero downtime ensures our customers can rely on us and use their favorite Enterprise Features with confidence and convenience.
Local and Global Scale
All our features will work for you regardless of whether you run a single store or multiple global locations. Our data all syncs via the cloud, so you can manage your business on whatever scale you need.
No Infrastructure Needed
There is no setup required to make use of our Enterprise Features (or our POS system in general). While some POS providers require bulky on-site servers and a team of IT professionals, our system allows you to bypass that hassle, saving you money and time.
Since our system is run through cloud technology, there is no hardware that can go wrong and cause downtime. Our Enterprise Features are also built into our own system, so we can always ensure our customers get the best quality.
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