Customer Facing Display

Impress customers by modernizing their checkout experience. Our Customer Facing Display works seamlessly with the Eats365 POS to display useful order details to customers. This wireless solution is easy to set up and is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Part Eats365’s Customer Facing Display user interface

Customizable Display

Choose where the CFD screen is positioned and what customers can see on it. Show tax rates, items ordered, customer details and total price for added convenience and a better customer experience.

Easily Edit Orders

Easily rectify mistakes and let customers check out their order details during checkout. This ensures a smooth checkout process and builds trust between your business and your customers.

Display Loyalty Programs

Allow customers to participate in and interact with loyalty programs to boost patronage.

Full Integration

All Eats365 modules are integrated. This means if you take an order from the Eats365 POS, it will be shown on the Customer Facing Display when that order is confirmed and ready for payment.

Go Green

Your customers have the option of choosing to receive emailed receipts as opposed to having them printed on the spot(Coming Soon). This  reduces printing costs while also portraying an environmentally-responsible side to your business.

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