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Serving Up the Tools for Success

Offer up the best dining experience to your customers by letting Eats365 infuse a blend of added convenience, functionality and flexibility to your business. Let our platform benefit your staff all the way from waiters to expediters so that your restaurant's table service reaches its full potential.

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Increase Table Turnover with our POS

Improve your restaurant table service experience with the large array of features our easy-to-use POS has to offer. 

Greater Customizability, Greater Quality

Boost your restaurant table service experience by creating a custom layout of your restaurant with table setting options. Up the quality of table service by easily setting up customizable menu keys, modifiers, combos, categories, types and coursing options. In addition, you can allow your wait staff to split, merge and edit bills with just a few screen taps. 

Better Customer Experiences and Analytics

Reach the highest standards and enhance customer experience with flexible payment options, membership programs and discounts. In addition, our POS system also allows you to keep track of important sales data, accounting information, analytics and customer information. 
Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Enjoy the benefits of an offline mode that lets your business keep running even without any internet connection. Further enjoy the perks of no on-site server, making maintenance, installation, setup and future upgrades much easier.

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Streamline Staff Service with our mPOS

Allowing your staff to offer the best table service possible to customers is the main focus of our mPOS module. By integrating all the order-taking flexibility and functionality of a traditional POS unit in the compact size of a mobile phone, your staff can move freely between tables. Instead of spending extra time managing a complicated POS, they can focus on customers and give off a friendlier vibe, resulting in the optimum restaurant table service experience. Given that our mPOS is very intuitive, staff can learn to use it with minimal training required.

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Table Service Success Story: Kee Wah

Table Service
Hong Kong

When Kee Wah, one of Hong Kong's most recognisable brands, decided to expand into the restaurant business, they chose Eats365. Discover how our solution has helped this iconic brand, with over 80 years of history, reinvent itself. 

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Empower Your Customers with our User App

Our User App aims to modernize the way your business interacts with customers and vice-versa. Through our app, customers can make restaurant bookings, queue up in advance, order online and even pay, all without having set foot in your restaurant. This method not only increases efficiency, but also boosts sales, increases turnover and grants customers a new level of convenience. The best part is that this technology is easy to set up and simple-to-use. 

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Make a Visual Impact with our PhotoMenu

Our PhotoMenu is packed with features that are designed to not only make a positive impact on customers, but also to make menu-management simpler than ever before. We’ve ensured our PhotoMenu is highly-customizable so that you can add pictures and create the perfect restaurant menu for your business. You can also switch easily between menus and have certain menu items fit into time slots, so they only appear when you want them to. We also allow for easy menu updates so that you can add, delete and edit items from all your PhotoMenu devices whenever you want and all at once. Not only will you save money on printing costs this way, but you’ll also not have to update your menus one at a time.
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Smarten the Way customers Queue with our Queue Ticket Kiosk

Queuing can often deter customers or make them have a negative first impression. Our Queue Ticket Kiosk aims to remedy the situation by printing queue tickets with a QR code that allows customers to see their queue status, even if they don’t wish to physically line up. Not only does this improve the queuing experience for customers, but it can also entice new customers who won’t be deterred by large lines. Queue tickets can also be customized for a more brand-oriented or personal feel. Finally, our Queue Ticket Kiosk is directly connected to our Table Management System, making it a breeze for staff to assign tables to waiting customers.

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Take the Tedium out of Waiting with our eSignage

Our eSignage module works in tandem with our Queue Ticket Kiosk to ensure waiting customers are able to clearly see their queue status. You can configure your eSignage module just the way you like by selecting your language, choosing promotional photos or videos to display and setting a clear audio announcement function.

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Improve Kitchen Management with our Kitchen Display System

Modernize and organize your kitchen by giving your chefs the management tools to increase efficiency. Our Kitchen Display System compiles all order data in one convenient location so that chefs don’t have to scramble about to find lost kitchen tickets. Let your chefs choose how to view orders by selecting from four different view modes: waiting time, category, table or chronological order. Chefs will also have orders highlighted in various colors to indicate useful information like long waiting times.

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Speed Up Food Prep and Delivery with our Expedite Display

Let your restaurant’s expediters have the full picture when preparing meals to be sent out. The Expedite Display shows a complete, itemized order view with coursing information. Each order will be color-coded to indicate useful information such as waiting times and more. Your expediters can easily check-off items that have already been prepared for better organization. Expediters will also have access to a detailed order history so that they can see what orders have been completed so far.

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