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Eats365 offers the perfect solution to keep your Singapore food court business operating efficiently, while ensuring that customers are kept happy. Not only do all our modules integrate together to provide a seamless experience, but we also give you a practical solution whereby customers won’t be kept waiting long for their meals. Stand out from the crowd and enjoy a food court POS system that’s sure to impress! 

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Take Control with our POS

Our food court POS’ intuitive design and easiness to master means you can spend less time learning and more time doing. Packed with an abundance of useful features, you’ll be able to manage your business and customers, all at once. 

Customise your POS Experience

You can make your food court POS system work in the way that’s most convenient for you. Set up custom menu keys, combos and modifiers, discounts, loyalty programs, languages, tender amount shortcuts and plenty more.

Effortless Setup and Reliability

Setting up your Eats365 food court POS system requires no on-site server for convenient and easy installation and maintenance. On the reliability front, our POS can keep functioning even without an active internet connection.  

Data-Driven Convenience

Benefit from a deep Customer Relationship Management system that helps you analyze customer information so that you can provide the best experience possible. In addition, you will have access to analytic data, accounts data, BI reports, sales data and more. Now you'll be able to easily keep track of profits, best-sellers and customer habits, all at once. 

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Reduce Staff with our Self-Service Kiosk

Give your tech-savvy Singaporean customers the ability to actively interact with your menu and place their own orders. Not only does this drive up interest, but it also reduces the number of staff necessary to cater to customers - saving you money. All orders made by customers are automatically fired to the assigned kitchen stations for improved efficiency. 

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Food Court Success Story: Foodium

Food Court
Hong Kong

Located in Hong Kong's brand-new West Kowloon High-speed Railway Station, Foodium needed a modern solution that reduced staff, cut down on hassle and improved customer turnover. Learn how Eats365 offered a custom solution that ran the gamut from Self-Serve Kiosks right down to an integrated pager system.

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Serve Faster with our Expedite Display

Packers and expediters will now have an easier time keeping track of orders. As each item is complete, they can be checked-off so that no items are repeated and no orders are delayed. The moment an order is marked as complete, it will be relayed to other Eats365 modules -such as our eSignage- so that the order can be delivered to, or collected by customers. This efficient system ensures customers get the freshest food for the best experience. 

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Keep your Customers Informed with our eSignage

Make sure your customers in Singapore are always aware of when to pick their orders up. Our eSignage clearly displays ready order numbers with optional accompanying audio announcements. In addition, you can set up video or image adverts that can help promote new items, the latest deals and more. Ready orders will update automatically whenever your packers or expediters mark them as ready from the Expedite Display module. Now you can increase efficiency, reduce confusion and promote your business, all at the same time. 

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Enjoy Superior Convenience with our Pager Support

You can set up pagers in multiple ways to ensure your business can run in the smoothest, most convenient manner possible. Pagers can be set to buzz when orders are complete so that customers can return to pick up their orders. Alternatively, if a customer docks their pager after finding a seat, our special docks allow servers to know where customers are seated so that completed order can be delivered directly to them. This not only improves the customer experience, but is also a flexible solution that ensures minimal confusion, maximum customer convenience and no muddled-up orders. 

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