Café POS System

A Seamless Blend of Convenience and Simplicity that Perfectly Complements your Business.

Reduce the number of staff required to run your business by letting Eats365 take on much of the workload. Our café POS system comes specially-brewed with a selection of useful features and functions that allows you to run your business in a more efficient manner. With Eats365, you will have more time to create new items, interact with customers and ensure they always come back for more.

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Reduce Your Workload with our Café POS

Let our POS system for cafés lessen your overall workload by handling several Front of House and Back-Office tasks to increase productivity and reduce staff turnover.

High Level of Customizability

Customize your menu keys whenever you like and easily add modifiers and combos so that staff can manage complex orders without a hitch. Make your customers feel at home with customizable loyalty programs, discounts and membership programs. Best of all, our POS system for cafés is super intuitive and great whether you're an industry veteran or a startup company.
Deep Analytics

Enjoy in-depth customer information, product sales information and accounting information for improved business management.
Easy Set Up and Convenient Maintenance

To ensure your business is always on track, our café POS keeps working even without an active internet connection. Transaction data will be uploaded to the cloud once internet connection is restored. Finally, there is no on-site server required for set up, making maintenance, installation and future upgrades simple.

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Save Costs with our PhotoMenu

Stand out from the crowd by offering your customers something different and exciting. A photo menu is the perfect way to increase customer interest and showcase your products in the most favorable light. Easily switch between menus during promotional periods to give your customers the best deals and seasonal treats. As an added bonus, you can update your menus anytime and can enjoy the cost reduction of never having to print out new menus ever again.

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Café Success Story: The Coffee Academïcs

Hong Kong

When this Asian coffee powerhouse needed a Café POS system that offered flexibility and versatility, they chose to go with Eats365. Find out what important features we were able to provide TCA with and how our system improved their business model. 

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Organize your Kitchen with our Kitchen Display System

If your café offers food items, this is the best way to keep orders organized. Kitchen staff will have a full history of color-coded orders for better management and organization. Kitchen staff can also choose from four different viewing options such as waiting time, category, table and chronological order. Furthermore, floor staff can instantly deliver orders to the KDS directly from their mPOS. All these tools mitigate the need for messy kitchen tickets and promote a harmonious kitchen atmosphere.

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Boost Customer Interaction with our mPOS

The Eats365 mPOS is a great way for staff to interact with customers and take orders swiftly. Packing all of the functionality of a POS in the size of a mobile phone allows for staff to be more mobile so they can take care of customer needs quickly and efficiently. This is sure to create a homey and welcoming feeling in your café.

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Part Eats365’s Expedite Display user interface.

Deliver Orders On Time with our Expedite Display

Give your staff the boost they need to make sure orders are prepared and packed just right and delivered on time. An itemized list is visible for each order placed, and expediters can check complete items for better management. There’s nothing worse than a customer receiving a lukewarm coffee or meal, but the Expedite Display ensures that every item will be sent out fresh.

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Build Trust with our Customer Facing Display

Build trust with your customers by showing them an itemized list of their order and displaying discounts and taxes for full transparency. Earn a higher percentage of tips by offering your customers pre-set tip amounts they can choose from. Furthermore, you can earn customer loyalty by displaying the names of customers who join membership programs and frequent your café.

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Part Eats365’s Customer Facing Display user interface.
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