Eats365 Online Ordering Suite

Don't let COVID-19 grind your F&B business to a halt. Our Online Ordering Suite, comprised of the Eats365 Marketplace and Merchant Branded Web, lets you build a custom online presence, reach more customers, protect your staff and keep your revenue flowing.
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The Benefits of Creating an Online Presence

Having an online presence can diversify your revenue streams while also helping with visibility and brand-building. Advertising and enabling your products to be ordered online through our platform allows you to broaden your reach, attract new customers and increase competitiveness.

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Visibility and Brand-building
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Attract New Customers
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Increase Competitiveness

Pay Less, Deliver More

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Delivery marketplace platforms can charge up to 30% in handling fees. Eats365 ensures you have another, lower-cost option so you can pay the lowest amount each time.

For example, for a delivery order of 800 HK dollars, the total amount charged by Eats365 can be as low as a third compared to other typical food delivery platforms. This provides a higher margin and better bottom line for restaurant merchants.

How Our Online Food Ordering System  Works

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1. Cooperate with Delivery Partners
The Eats365 Marketplace and Merchant Branded Web will cooperate with a range of local courier delivery partners so restaurant merchants can offer food delivery to customers. Customer-related delivery fees and delivery distance can be set directly by restaurant merchants.
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2. Delivery Partners Handle Confirmed Orders
Confirmed online orders will be dispatched to cooperating courier delivery partners’ online platforms and handled accordingly.
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3. Handling Fees and Delivery Method
Finally, applicable fees and delivery method will be negotiated between restaurant merchants and courier delivery companies behind the scenes. This method allows seamless order handling from the moment an order is received to the point it reaches the customer’s doorstep; all while ensuring the lowest cost for restaurant merchants.

Integrated Directly into Your POS

Run your online business directly from your POS. No need to worry about learning multiple systems or managing different accounts. With Eats365, you can run your physical store and online business directly from your POS with no steep learning curve or special hardware required.
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All Startup Costs Waived

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Build your web presence free of charge while also becoming part of a robust marketplace of customers and merchants. Don’t miss out on this great offer. Start building the online portion of your business today!
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Merchant Branded Web

Build a strong online presence by owning your own custom website. Our Merchant Branded Web allows your business to sell food products to customers online so you can tap into multiple revenue streams. Bypass paying exorbitant handling fees of 30% or more and take charge of your profits.

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Gain access to your own unique website

All startup costs waived – start for free
Simple to set up and quick to get started
Reach more customers with your online presence
No need to build your own complicated website from scratch
Recreate the feel of your physical brand online
Edit your website anytime
Sell and promote to customers with specials and discounts
Let customers see your menu online
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Full Control of Your Online Presence and Brand Image

Import your logo and use it in your new website
Quick menu setup
Build your custom menu with item images, pricing, descriptions, modifiers and more
Gain access to reporting tools that give you a competitive edge
Generate and manage QR codes that lead to your pickup or delivery web pages
View comprehensive order history
CRM supported, so customers can still benefit from your loyalty programs
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Boosted Operational Efficiency

Incoming orders can be directly fired to your kitchen, automatically
Sold-out items can be hidden or disabled platform-wide, including online sales channels
Mobile-friendly experience for your customers
Let customers place online orders to free up staff
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Make Your Business Adaptable

Customers can choose pickup or delivery options
Integrated online payments lets customers pay in advance which is convenient and prevents fraud
Make your brick and mortar business more resilient with an additional online revenue stream
Allows guest checkout so more people can place orders on your website
Provided QR code stickers lead customers directly to your online web presence
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Offer Food Delivery to Customers

No need to share 30% of your profits for delivery handling fees
Integrated with local delivery companies to meet the expending demand for food delivery
Open up to a wider customer base with delivery
Have more options so you can pick the lowest-cost delivery platform for maximum profit
Relevant modules for easy business management

Eats365 Marketplace

Become part of the Eats365 Marketplace where limitless new customers can discover your restaurant, place online orders and pay without having to leave their home. No fixed monthly fees or expensive handling charges.

Reach More Customers, Earn More Revenue

No startup costs. Join for free so you can earn maximum profit
Works in tandem with Merchant Branded Web to help you reach new customers and expand your brand recognition
Customers can discover your business based on location, food type, price and restaurant name
Guest checkout allows non-members to place orders on the Eats365 Marketplace, increasing the number of customers you can reach
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Maximum Flexibility

Quick and simple setup so you can get started right away
Integrated directly with the Eats365 POS and User App for a seamless experience
CRM and loyalty points can still apply, so your customers remain brand loyal
Promote and apply discounts to your menu items as you please
Web and app implementation boosts versatility and access for customers
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Deliver Food Right to Your Customers’ Doorstep

Take advantage of the uptick in demand for delivery and earn more business
Integrated with local delivery companies, just like our Merchant Branded Web
Don’t part with 30% of your order revenue as a delivery handling fee
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