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The All-inclusive POS for your Hotel Business

Keep customers satisfied by letting the Eats365 hotel POS system offer your business unrivaled convenience, simplicity and benefits. Designed with you and your customers in mind, we offer a plethora of features while supporting Micros Standard 4700 PMSI systems.

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Run your Hotel Comfortably with our POS

Keep yourself, your staff and your customers happy with the rich set of features that our hotel POS system offers. 

Customize your POS Experience

Our hotel POS software is intuitive and simple-to-use, meaning staff will require less training to learn how it works. You can choose how you want your hotel POS to behave by customizing your menu keys, languages, currencies, tender amount shortcuts, discounts, deals and more. 
In-Depth Customer Relationship Management Tools

Provide stellar customer experience thanks to our deep Customer Relationship Management tools. You will have access to a wealth information about your customers spending habits, preferences and special requests. In addition, our hotel POS software offers in-depth analytics, accounting data, customer information, sales data and more so you can manage your hotel business in a way that makes optimum financial sense.
Globally Accessible and Reliable

Should your hotel be a global chain, you can access all global data at once, or choose specific regions to focus on. Our hotel POS further simplifies things by being extremely easy to install thanks to no on-site server being required. This makes maintenance and updates very simple. Finally, if there is no active internet connection, the POS will continue to function like normal, ensuring you are always in control.

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Improve customer service with our mPOS

Give your hotel waiters the ability to make the best impression possible by equipping them with our mPOS. By fitting all the functionality of a regular POS into a compact package, your staff can take orders easily, be more mobile and extend the courtesy to customers that they expect. Since our mPOS is connected and integrated with all other Eats365 modules, orders taken will fire to the kitchen in the same way that orders taken on a regular POS would. 

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Break the language barrier with our PhotoMenu

Make the most of modern technology and upgrade your traditional menu to our PhotoMenu. By using pictures of your dishes and drinks, you will be able to break the language barrier, entice customers to order more and impress with a modern menu. You can also easily switch between menus should different dishes be offered at different times of the day. In addition, you can update all your menus at once rather than having to update them one at a time or print them from scratch. The menu can also be configured to show multiple languages to better suit your customers.

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Organize your Kitchen with our Kitchen Display System

Allow your chefs to maintain an organized kitchen for better and speedier overall service. Our Kitchen Display System places all orders in one convenient location so that messy kitchen tickets can become a thing of the past. Orders are highlighted in different colors to indicate how long ago each order was placed. Chefs can also select from a number of different views, such as waiting time, category, table and chronological order. Without relying on tickets, orders will never be lost and chefs can prepare and cook meals in a more efficient manner. Finally, in case of any errors with orders, they will be updated in real time through other relevant Eats365 modules so that communication between Front of House and the kitchen is always top-notch.

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Ensure the Perfect Meal with our Expedite Display

In order to allow customers to enjoy perfect meals, food needs to be prepared and sent out on time. Our Expedite Display gives expediters the ability to keep track of all placed orders, down to each item and course. This allows them to prepare and send out food with full knowledge of what has already been sent out and what still has to be served. Sent items can be checked-off for easier management and each order is color-coded to indicate important information. Having these tools will allow expediters to ensure each meal is sent out at the optimum time and without unnecessary waiting time for customers.

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