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In such a fast-paced industry, speed and efficiency are your greatest assets. Eats365 offers a comprehensive set of tools that will help your fast food business manage a high volume of customers in far less time. From the moment your customers walk in right up to the packing and paying process, we can help streamline your business operations for a better turnover rate and greater overall sales.

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Unlock True Efficiency with our Fast Food POS

Enable efficiency from the ground-up with our fast food Point of Sale and its multitude of features for greater staff efficiency. 

Easy Setup

Whether you're a fast food shop or a different quick-service business, our fast food POS helps to make your life easier by requiring no on-site server for set up. This makes maintenance, installation and future upgrades easy. You can also efficiently set up printers, customize your menu, hold and fire orders all with just a few finger taps. 
Built-in Customer Relationship Management and Analytics

Ensure your customers always feel appreciated by offering discounts,       membership programs and multiple integrated payment options. You will also be able to benefit from a rich set of analytics, accounting data and sales data that can help you manage your fast food business easily and efficiently. 
Offline Mode
Our fast food Point of Sale can run without an active internet connection. All transaction data will be uploaded to the cloud once you are connected again. 

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Streamline the Ordering Process with our User App

Allow your customers to order and pay in advance through our User App for increased patronage. With multiple supported payment types, you can increase sales and streamline the entire ordering experience. Now, your customers can literally show up and grab their order with no waiting time in between. 

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Fast Food Success Story: Kabo Burger

Gran'n' Go
Hong Kong

To keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong, Kabo Burger turned to Eats365 for the ultimate speedy solution. Find out more about how our solution was able to improve turnover and reduce customer waiting times.

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Give Customers the Power with our Self-Service Kiosk

You can offer your customers the freedom to place their own orders with just a few taps of a screen. This increases efficiency, adds a wow-factor to your establishment and reduces staff costs. Our Self-Service Kiosk can be customized to feature your menu and will automatically print a ticket for customers when their orders are placed.

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Reduce Confusion with our eSignage

Our eSignage easily and clearly displays ready orders and ticket numbers. This reduces the need for staff to find customers and keeps the operating of your restaurant tidy. In addition to showing ready orders and ticket numbers, you can set images for waiting customers to see. These can be anything from promotional material to special menu items. You can also set our eSignage to speak out ticket numbers to further ensure your customers are aware that their orders are ready.

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Tidy up Kitchen Operations with our Kitchen Display System

Give your kitchen staff an easy way to manage orders and improve workflow with the option of completely ditching kitchen tickets. The Kitchen Display System works in tandem with our POS and mPOS, allowing for orders to be sent directly to the kitchen with minimal fuss and maximum professionalism. Your staff will even have the option of viewing orders in four different modes including waiting time, category, table and chronological order.  Staff can also monitor and manage orders better thanks to an intuitive color-coding system.

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Always Serve Fresh Meals with our Expedite Display

Packing meals is now simpler than ever as our Expedite Display gives packers the ability to view a full, itemized list of each order that comes in. Orders are further color-coded to quickly indicate useful information and allow for better management. Packed items can be checked off so that they are not forgotten about or accidentally packed twice. Having these features ensures that there will be fewer errors, faster service and more organization when it comes to preparing and packing food.

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Part Eats365’s Customer Facing Display user interface.

Leave a Strong Impression with our Customer Facing Display

Allow your customers to clearly see each item they ordered, the cost and any additional taxes and discounts. Not only does this mitigate communication errors, but it also builds trust with patrons. You can further improve customer relations by displaying the name of member customers on the screen for a more personal touch. In addition, you can earn a higher percentage of tips by displaying pre-set tip options.

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