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Eats365 has created a platform that is designed to reduce your stress, and the stress of any travelers doing business with you. Our speedy, easy-to-use system ensures that staff can serve customers quickly and our multi-language and multi-currency support grants amazing international flexibility.

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Watch your Profits Soar with our POS

It is imperative that a POS be reliable and multifaceted when dealing with airport restaurants and businesses. Our POS offers the best tools for your airport business to thrive, even in multiple regions. 

Customize Your POS Experience per Region

You can set up your POS just the way you like with customizable menu keys, multi-language options, multi-currency support, customizable tender amounts and more. With multiple types of payment options also supported, customers can enjoy maximum convenience. 

Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management Tools

Given that your customers might be using your services in multiple global locations, you can create membership programs so that regular customers can benefit from rewards whenever and wherever they use your business. Our POS stores your member customers' details, spending habits, special requests and more, so you can offer the friendliest and most personal service possible. 

Minimal Setup and Remote Access

You will be able to run your business better thanks to our analytics, accounting data and sales figures which can be accessed from anywhere. Our POS keeps track and compiles data on all your businesses, so you can get a greater overall picture of how your global business is doing, as a whole, or focus on individual regions. Our POS is also extremely easy to install as no on-site server is needed. This makes future updates and maintenance easy. Finally, even if your internet connection goes down, our POS will remain functioning and upload all transaction data when an active internet connection becomes available again. 

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Add Professionalism with our Customer Facing Display

Give your customers a clear and itemized list of their purchases so that they can make sure the right items have been tallied up. You will also be able to show any discounts, taxes and deals that your customers’ orders have been subject to. Our multilingual system can also provide your customers with a list in their own language for further convenience. Flexible payment options ensure your customers will not be left frustrated when it comes time to pay. Finally, you can include pre-set tip amounts if applicable, so that customers have a higher likelihood of leaving a tip when they pay.

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Part Eats365’s Customer Facing Display user interface
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