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Eats365's POS solution is simple-to-use, contains great features and best-of-all, delivers results.
Wilson Lee, CEO

“By understanding what it is that the F&B industry needs most, we are able to create intuitive and forward-thinking solutions that are applicable to F&B businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

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98% Customer Satisfaction and Retention  

Eats365 is an intuitive iPad-based POS system designed to help global businesses of all shapes and sizes thrive and excel. We analyze the conditions for success and offer a one- platform solution that allows our customers to better attain that success. The proof is in the numbers as we have a 98% customer satisfaction and retention rate.

One Step Ahead of the Curve

What makes our platform so special is our ability to evolve with the times, while never compromising on our promise to bring you the best POS experience possible. Our POS constantly grows and integrates new features that we share with all our customers. This means that even if your business starts small, you can keep growing and receive continued support without ever feeling like your Eats365 POS is out-of-date.

The Perfect Custom Solution for You

We understand that  the ideal POS system needs to be as versatile as possible to create the perfect experience for your business. This is why we’ve developed a line of modules that work in tandem with your POS to create the perfect, custom solution for your business. 
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