What is Eats365’s mPOS and How Can It Benefit your Restaurant Business?

What is Eats365’s mPOS and How Can It Benefit your Restaurant Business?

What is an mPOS?

A mobile POS (mPOS) is a mobile device that lets you access the primary features of a Point of Sale (POS) within it - usually through an app. It is a great tool for wait staff to have, especially especially in table service restaurants, as it allows them to focus on customer service and upselling products rather than on remembering the specifics of an order. 


An mPOS usually comes in the form of an app that can be downloaded on a compatible mobile device. This enables wait staff to simply carry a mobile phone to each table and tap in orders that can be directly sent to the restaurant’s central POS system - Thereby bypassing additional manual input steps. By simplifying the order-taking process, your business stands to increase turnover in three ways. First, due to the reduction of steps after inputting the order on the mobile POS (such as punching the order again into a centralized POS). Second, by reducing errors since no manual inputs are required. And third, better customer service since staff can focus on customers rather than wasting time memorizing their orders. 

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How is Eats365’s mPOS Different?

Eats365’s mPOS packs a ton of additional useful features that ensures your wait staff have the tools to provide a great experience for customers. Besides the usual menu keys to input orders, wait staff also have access to a color-coded table map that indicates different statuses. For example, staff will be able to see which tables need to be served, which tables need to be cleaned and more. The Eats365 mPOS also provides staff with comprehensive order tracking, so they always know the status of each table’s orders and can serve tables that have been waiting the longest first. 


Furthermore, Eats365’s mPOS allows wait staff to accept mobile wallet payments, card payments and more. Bills can be split by item or price and can be merged, too. 


Finally, Eats365’s mPOS utilizes cloud technology so that it is connected to all other Eats365 modules and services. This means that when an order is taken on the Eats365 mPOS, it can be set to automatically record that order on a centralized POS and even be fired directly to the kitchen via the Eats365 Kitchen Display System. Essentially, it becomes part of a larger smart solution that allows F&B businesses to use Eats365’s products to automate much of their restaurant business and remove many menial manual processes. 


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10 General Benefits Eats365’s mPOS


1. Portability

Ensuring wait staff are not weighed down with a cumbersome order-taking device is important. Fortunately Eats465's mPOS system is designed to be compact and portable while providing all the essential features of a POS. This means your wait staff can take orders quickly and efficiently without having to carry anything that can’t easily fit in their pockets.  


2. Fewer Errors

Being able to simply tap a screen to punch in orders means that there is no ambiguity per order. Select combos and modifiers without hassle so that each order is written down perfectly. Without illegible handwriting and poor memory leading to order errors, you can ensure a better experience for customers where their food is prepared exactly as they expect. 


3. Flexible Payments

Provide customers with a wide range of payment options directly through your mPOS. Whether it be mobile wallets, cards or cash, your mPOS can record and handle the payment transaction. You will need an special add-on for certain types of cards, though.


4. Cloud Connected

Having your mPOS connected to your other restaurant devices is important to ensure your F&B business is running like a well-oiled machine. Once an order is taken, that data can be transferred directly to any POS you choose and it can also be fired to the relevant kitchen stations. Managers will also be able to keep track of each order and table statuses will automatically change across relevant devices, providing invaluable information to staff. 


5. Improve Customer Service

mPOS systems allow wait staff to focus more on improving the experience for customers. Without the stress of having to memorize or clearly write down orders, your staff can instead focus on upselling items, introducing specials or deals and generally ensuring customers are comfortable and enjoying themselves.  


6. Quicker Turnover

By reducing errors and not needing to manually punch in orders into a central POS system after taking orders, you end up saving time. Since orders can be fired directly to the kitchen, kitchen staff can prepare dishes quicker after orders are placed. All these factors combine to ensure you can serve customers their food faster and reduce the unnecessary additional waiting time that would prevent you from serving more customers. 


7. Simple Updates

Need to update your menu or receive fixes to any bugs? No issues. Your mPOS is essentially an app, and can therefore be updated in just a few seconds. Best of all, the updates can be done on the fly, meaning new features can be added or menus can be updated across all mPOS devices in a matter of seconds with no downtime required for your business. 


8. Color-Coded Table Status

Giving your wait staff a clear picture of the statuses of each table in your restaurant is another important factor in making sure no customer gets forgotten about. If your staff are able to keep track of each table, they can ensure that orders come in on time and clean tables when they are vacated, allowing new customers to be seated faster. 


9. Order Tracking

Keeping track of customer orders is important for wait staff. If an order is taking a long time, wait staff can inquire about it and help point out any errors that may have occurred in the kitchen. Furthermore, it ensures customers get served in a timely manner and that fewer errors are made in the ordering process.


10. Easy to Use

Most people are used to interacting with mobile devices and wouldn’t need intensive training to learn how to use an mPOS as a result. With an intuitive interface, Eats365's mPOS system is a great tool to get new staff started quickly while wasting less time and money on training them to use outdated, complex systems. 


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