To ensure that your self-service business is honed in on increasing orders per day, you’ll need tech that provides a blend of efficiency and convenience for customers. With clear user interfaces and easy-to-follow instructions, Eats365’s self-service offerings ensure that even the more tech-challenged customers will be able to accurately place their own orders and fall in love with the process! 


So Reliable that Your Business Almost Runs Itself

Self-Service is all about letting your customers order quickly without the help of your staff. A system that’s fast, responsive and has 99.9% uptime since launch lets you trust that everything will work flawlessly with no staff required. So sit back and relax, your business can run smoothly without you stressing out and going grey in the process! 


More Ways to Order as You Grow

As your business grows, you can offer your customers an exciting array of ways to place their own orders. Depending on how your restaurant’s space requirements, design ethos and customer feedback evolves, your solution can scale with you; meaning you can implement a whole array of new and convenient self-service solutions. These range from kiosks (that let customers punch in their own orders and pay on a vibrant screen) to scan-to-order QR code menus (that let customers place orders on their own smartphones) and even iPad e-Menus (that let customers view your menu and place orders on iPads). 

More Ways to Order as You Grow

Pay Less, Automate More

Each piece of your Eats365 self-service restaurant solution talks to one another so that crucial data is shared without any manual input from your staff. This means that no matter how many self-service ordering points you have, the relevant data will sync with other modules like your Eats365 POS without needing manual input. Your orders also sync with Kitchen Display Systems and will be sent to relevant kitchen departments instantly. Essentially, your whole restaurant can run flawlessly with almost no staff needed to manage your front of house. 

Eats365 dining solution: pay less, automate more

Speed Things Up in the Kitchen

Make sure your kitchen staff are always prepared to deal with a quick influx of orders. When you add a Kitchen Display System Expansion Module to your POS, you can replace manual order delivery and messy kitchen tickets with clear order displays, so your chefs will have more time than ever, never lose an order and always be performing at their best!

Speed things up in the kitchen

Prep and Deliver Orders Right the First Time

Keeping the customer happy is the key to success, and there’s no easier way to annoy customers than by giving them the wrong order. Clear visual prompts ensure pickup customers get the right order and leave happy. For dine-in customers, your staff will know the contents of each order and can check for accuracy before sending them out. 


Quick-Service Efficiency, Full-Service Professionalism

Provide your customers with an undeniably professional experience while still prioritizing efficiency throughout their dining experience - right from seating to ordering. Let your customers take charge of their ordering experience by picking between kiosks, iPad Menus or even their own smartphones to place orders via BYOD Ordering. With real-time updates between your restaurant modules, your staff can quickly get orders prepped so that customers enjoy quick-service waiting times and full-service food quality.

Full Service Professionalisim

Common Products for Self-Service Restaurants 

How Self-Service Restaurants Like Yours
Benefit from Eats365

dan yatai
dan yatai

“We can now automate our ordering and pick up process and entice customers to order by themselves with attractive interface and menu on Android Self-serve Kiosks and Pick Up Display, and to focus our manpower in processing orders, ensuring food quality.”

– Dan Yatai, Hong Kong

"We want to promote the idea of healthy vegan dining style to the community, and at the same time showing how to minimze waste in our whole production and serving process. Self-serve kiosks help our brand to minimize manpower, stramlining serving process, and at the sametime be an interactive touchpoint for our customers to get to know our philosohies."

- TreeHouse, Hong Kong
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