What is Eats365’s Mobile Ordering Technology and How Can It Benefit Your Restaurant Business?

What is Eats365’s Mobile Ordering Technology and How Can It Benefit Your Restaurant Business?

What are Eats365’s Self-Ordering Solutions?

Self-Ordering Solutions refer to products and services that help automate the ordering process in F&B businesses with the ultimate goal of boosting turnover and reducing costs. Eats365’s range of Self-Order solutions are split into two main types: Mobile Ordering Technology and Self-Service Kiosks. In this article, we will focus on the Mobile Ordering Technology side of things, but if you wish to learn more about Self-Service Kiosks, you can do so here

One of the major benefits of deploying Mobile-Ordering Technology in your restaurant business is to allow customers to place their own orders through their personal mobile devices. This helps reduce the number of staff required to effectively run a restaurant. By automating simple processes and putting control in the hands of your customers, you could greatly improve the efficiency of your business while also building a better impression.

What Is Mobile Ordering Technology?

Putting it simply, Mobile Ordering Technology refers to features whereby restaurants can encourage business interaction from customers directly through their personal mobile devices. A business that shuns mobile technology is essentially running the risk of crippling itself by failing to appeal to growing segments of the market with high spending power. A study conducted by CMS saw that millennials, who have all grown up as digital natives, “already account for 28% of revenues for hotels and 29% for restaurants.” While not all millennials require new technologies to feel compelled to visit a restaurant, it could certainly be a large contributing factor for success. 

QR Codes as an Innovative Mobile Ordering Technology

Eats365 offers the unique ability for restaurant merchants to create QR Codes that customers can scan with their phones to interact with their business. Instead of printing paper menus and having lots of staff present during COVID-19, businesses can simply offer customers a QR Code to scan so that they can instantly access an online menu. From there, customers can select the dishes they wish to order, review the cost of their meal and even pay directly from their phones with the use of mobile wallets. 

Other Mobile Ordering Technology uses include QR Codes being used to lead customers to a restaurant’s user app, website or to new deals. Restaurants can also produce QR Code stickers and place them outside their businesses or on windows. This way, if they are required to close early due to covid-19 government restrictions, customers can still scan the QR Code and learn more about the business (like its hours of operation) and either order again another day or simply place their order online for delivery. 

10 Benefits of Self-Ordering Technology For Restaurants

1. Safety + Hygiene 

Handling physical menus can certainly aid in the spread of the virus. Providing QR Codes for customers to scan so that they can interact with your menu through their phones provides a safer experience for staff and customers, alike.

2. Reduce Costs

By gearing your restaurant business towards a more-automated system, you can have technology take over the simpler tasks that used to require a member of staff. This way, you can reallocate human resources to take care of meaningful tasks, while technology can take care of the rest.

3. Versatility

Giving customers the ability to order food using their own mobile devices adds an additional touchpoint and creates a more versatile experience. You can attract customers with different needs and in different market segments this way.

4. Tailored Content

Tailor the content your customers see when they scan your QR Codes. Lead them to an engaging menu, to a restaurant description or even to a page with your hottest promotions. Keeping things fresh has never been easier!

5. Attract Millennials

Millennials are a group with high spending power and who appreciate modern technology being integrated into their dining experience. Providing them with a convenient way to use technology to interact with your business will help leave a lasting and positive impression.

6. Quicker Turnover

Saving customers’ time is always a bonus. By not requiring customers to wait on a server to pass them menus, you can ensure that orders are placed quicker since scanning a QR Code takes far less time. This can lead to an overall faster dining experience and make way for more customers to be served per day.

7. Fewer Order Errors

By allowing customers to place orders directly from their mobile devices, you cut out the step where a member of staff has to write down the order and pass it on to the kitchen or punch it into the POS system. With Mobile Ordering Solutions, customer orders can be fired directly from mobile devices to the POS and to Kitchen Display Systems

8. Faster Payment

Customers can pay for their meals instantly and directly from their phone. This saves the hassle of requiring a member of staff to collect payment after the meal.

9. Multilingual Capabilities

Your QR Code can lead to a menu page where you can offer multiple languages to your guests. Given how tricky it is to find multilingual staff, this feature can certainly provide a comfortable feeling for customers – especially in cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, where different segments of the population may speak different languages.

10. Remote Ordering

Customers can use their phones to place orders or learn about your business from the comfort of their own home. This means you can get business even with a smaller number of dine-in clients. 

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