Can One POS System Work Across Multiple Countries?

Can One POS System Work Across Multiple Countries?

Are you frustrated with trying to find one POS system that can work across multiple countries, or even just in your region? Whether you run an international restaurant chain or operate a small business in a region like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, it’s always best to have a POS system that gives you an international expansion option for the future. A POS without Enterprise features that works in multiple countries could end up crippling your business or ruining your chances for global success.


One Feature that Can Guarantee Global POS System Coverage

The first step is to inquire if your POS system provider offers an enterprise option. Enterprise features apply to larger businesses, and will usually allow POS users to keep track of their restaurants across multiple regions. For example, Eats365’s POS system offers support for 19 regions, which include places like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Even if your business is headquartered in one location, enterprise features will let you check things like your global sales, profits, statistics and more. 



Singapore POS System Setup - Why You Need a POS Provider with a Local Presence

Trusting one POS company to steer your business in the right direction in Singapore is extremely important. The plethora of government rules and regulations means that “starting an F&B business in Singapore is NOT a walk in the park.” Implementing your POS should not be an additional headache for you. This is why it is imperative for your POS provider to have a dedicated presence in Singapore. This way, setup will be easy and your POS system can quickly add value to your business to offset all the costs for business setup. 


Malaysia POS system Setup - Why the Right POS Provider Could Set Your Business on the Right Track

Just like setting up a restaurant in Singapore, Malaysian restaurant owners also have a lot of pitfalls to look out for. “While anybody can open a restaurant, it takes a truly hardworking, dedicated and discipline entrepreneur to open and operate a successful restaurant.” On top of basic hard work, you will need signboard licences, music licenses and more to set up your restaurant. Again, it always helps if your POS provider has some presence in Malaysia so that you can ensure they are familiar with local laws and regulations. This will make the setup process far less painful.


Hong Kong POS System Setup - Why Having a Local POS Provider is Imperative

Setting up a business in Hong Kong is perhaps easier than in other places, but there are still many dangers lurking for new F&B business owners. “With one cafe or restaurant for every 600 residents, Hong Kong has more per capita than most cities. So the biggest challenge, once you’ve dealt with licensing, contractors, renovation and hiring, is whether diners will come.” We come to the question of cost and competition in Hong Kong and in this case, having a locally-supported POS company is key. With so many challenges on the average restaurant owner’s plate, why add POS woes to that list?


Indonesia POS System Setup - Why a Locally-based POS Provider is a Must

Just like with all the other places mentioned, “a restaurant business must adhere to strict requirements for it to be successful” in Indonesia. Along with stringent rules about acquiring different licences, foreigners must also find a local partner to get into the restaurant business in Indonesia. With so many things to consider, a trend seems to be emerging in that using a POS system with a local presence is absolutely imperative. 


Now Imagine Setting Up Separately in All these Regions

What we’ve mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. With so many other roadblocks to setting up a successful business in multiple regions, it should come as a relief that there are POS systems that will allow your business to seamlessly run across all these regions. Look out for useful things like Multilanguage capabilities, local tax inclusion, rounding, local payment integration and analytics that can be converted into any currency of your choice. Furthermore, check for loyalty programs that can span the globe and for a staff management structure to give you full control of your business. With all these features, at the very least, your POS will be one of the simpler parts of your business to set up. 



For a full list of Eats365’s partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and more, you can click here

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