Self Service Kiosk

Eats365’s Self-order Solutions focus on automating the ordering process to boost turnover and reduce costs. We currently offer Mobile Ordering technology as well as Self-Serve Kiosks. Both these solutions allow patrons to place their own orders without a staff member needing to attend to them. With labor costs increasing, there’s no better time to put the power in your customers’ hands – especially if you run a quick-serve business.

Kiosk stand with iPad running POS for self-service ordering
iPad POS showing food menu.

Let Patrons Use Their Own Devices

People use their smartphones for everything these days; why not also let them use their smartphones to place orders? This negates the necessity for restaurants to purchase additional order-taking hardware while simultaneously reducing the number of staff required.

Latest QR Code Technology

Our Mobile Ordering solution takes advantage of the amazing capabilities of QR codes. Unlike traditional bar codes, QR codes can store vast amounts of information that can be displayed directly to your patrons from their own mobile devices. Once patrons scan your QR codes, they’ll see what you want them to see. Be it your menu, restaurant information, your website or even promotions, the choice is totally up to you.
iPad POS showing food menu.
iPad POS showing management of delivering food in kitchen.

An Additional Touchpoint

The more ways a business has to interact with customers, the easier it is to make an impact and secure loyalty. By using their own devices, patrons can have more of a personal connection with your business, all while enjoying a streamlined ordering experience.

Tailored Content for Customers

Change the information your QR codes display so that you can always stay relevant. For example, update your menu often to keep abreast of the sales trends your data reveals. Offer promotions to customers on hot items so that they engage further with your business.
iPad POS showing food menu.
iPad POS showing food menu.

Instant Mobile Payments

With support for global electronic payments and mobile wallets, your patrons can place their orders and pay directly from their own mobile phones. This efficient system not only leaves a positive impression on customers, but also boosts turnover and saves on staff costs.

"With Eats365, customers can place orders by scanning a QR code with their smart phones. This makes our order-taking process more efficient"

Ivan, Founder of Boat Boat Steam

Boost Turnover with our Self-Service Kiosks

Kiosk allow flexible payment, such as octopus card

Fully-automate the order-taking process by letting your customers have the freedom to place orders themselves. Our Self-Service Kiosks (Self Serve Kiosks) work as a self-catered point of sale that improves convenience for you, your customers and your business, as a whole.

Reduce Costs

Let your customers place their orders in a way that’s intuitive and reduces the need for extra staff. Now you can streamline everything from the ordering process right down to payment.

Browsing Made Easy

Customers can browse through just about anything with our Self Service Kiosk. Be it a selection of restaurants that are part of a food court or your business’ menu, customers can easily pinpoint what they need for a smooth experience.

Automatically Fire Orders

Once customers have selected their desired items and placed their order, it will be fired automatically to your kitchen staff via our Kitchen Display System. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also decreases waiting time and reduces the number of staff required for smooth service.

Immediate Payments

Customers can pay directly from our Self Serve Kiosks for ultimate convenience. Our Self Service Kiosk accepts multiple forms of electronic payment so that your customers are always given the greatest choice possible and smoothest experience possible. 
iPad POS showing food menu.
iPad POS showing food menu.

Fully-Integrated with Pagers

After placing an order, customers can pick up a pager and be alerted when their meal is ready. Our Self-Service Kiosks are designed to ensure that pager systems run smoothly and are accurate.
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