Restaurant POS

The Eats365 POS provides all the necessary tools for growth and efficiency right to your fingertips. No more fussing about with clunky, outdated POS systems. Our POS software is designed with flexibility and integration in mind, so you can see results fast. 

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Combos & Modifiers

Give your guests their favourite options and boost revenue. With the built-in Menu Editor, you can create item options by using single and multi-selectable modifiers. You can also create combos by linking single items and/or entire categories while also adjusting the selectable quantities and discounts offered. To simplify the process, we offer you complete freedom through our Merchant Portal to add images, add simplified names, turn on inventory tracking, set up role access permissions and more.

Flexible Menu Design

Easily set up Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour and Daily Specials menus. You can customize the time of day and day of week that your menus to show up. Our iPad POS software will then automatically display the appropriate menu according to your preferences on your Eats365 POS .

Customizable Menu Keys

Intuitively customize your user experience with our iPad POS software. By using our built-in Layout Editor, you can select the color, font size and name of your menu keys. You can also designate images of your choice to replace the look of traditional menu keys while having the option to position different keys in any order you see fit.

Easy Ordering

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Order Tracking

Orders are tracked from the moment they are placed. This helps Back of House manage orders and improve efficiency, while also allowing Front of House to track and view the status of orders down to every last item. Order Tracking via our restaurant POS can be used in conjunction with our Expedite Display, Kitchen Display System and mPOS.


Easily use our restaurant POS to set the coursing sequence for different items ordered. Items assigned to various courses are clearly-labeled and marked for better management. In addition, you may hold any items and fire them when your guests are ready to be served. The Eats365 Hold and Fire functions allow the expeditor to see orders in their entirety, but will not print kitchen tickets or display them on kitchen displays until items are fired. 

Inventory Tracking

Track item availability and sales while also automatically delisting sold out items. This feature applies on a system-wide level including on the Eats365 POS, mPOS, PhotoMenu, Self-Service Kiosk and User App

Customizable Discounts

Entice guests with juicy discounts and deals. You can easily apply open discounts or set up predefined discounts with varying types, amounts and conditions. Access to discounts can be restricted with varying levels of security in Role Permissions.  
Pager Integration

Use your restaurant POS to alert customers when their orders are ready for pickup via pager. This useful feature lets you increase staff efficiency while also ensuring a fresh, hot meal for your customers. 


Flexible Settings

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User & Security Group Management

By using the built-in security management system, you can control employee access by creating individual user accounts and assigning them to a security group. You can further fine-tune access by creating custom groups with granular permissions for greater control throughout your business. 

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Multi-language Support

Appeal to a wider range of customers by offering your menu in their native language. Eats365 has multi-language support that allows you to display your menu in several different languages including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Setup is as simple as adding your language of choice to menu items, which will then be displayed accordingly on the Eats365 POS, PhotoMenu, Self-Service Kiosk and User App. 

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Comprehensive Printer Settings

The Eats365 POS offers a deep list of printer options for you to choose from. For example, you may add as many printers as you like, map printers, assign printer roles, adjust ticket formats, customize logos and customize wordings.  

Robust Customer Relationship Management And Analytics

View your analytics on multiple smart devices

Master your (CRM) and easily keep track of important customer data to improve the overall dining experience. You can see how often a customer visits, their seating preferences, how much a customer spends per visit and more. You will also have access to detailed accounting data, sales information, BI reports and other useful data. All this information can be found in the Merchant Portal. 

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