Multi-Brand/Location Management 

Visibility is the key to managing multiple restaurant brands and locations. By splitting your business by brand, organization and shop, you gain clear reporting insights and powerful operational control on as macro or micro of a level as you need.

Eats365 Multi-brand/Location Management
Eats365 Multi-brand/Location Management

Multi-Brand/Location Management Products


Many Locations/Brands One System

Your Eats365 solution unifies your locations and brands under a single system that goes deep. By letting you view your entire business through a three-tiered structure that includes organization, brand or shop level, you’ll be able to manage the nitty-gritty details on an individual shop or brand level or make sweeping large-scale changes across the board. 



Apply Changes Across Multiple Restaurants/Brands in Seconds

Need to revamp your menus, alter your pricing or add new items? No worries! The Eats365 way means all your changes can be made once and rolled out immediately throughout all your restaurant locations and brands as you require. 


Make Your Customers Feel at Home Anywhere

Keeping the customer happy is one of the golden rules of the F&B industry. What better way to do so than by applying the individual loyalty programs that fit best across different brands and locations? With key details like loyalty points, birthdays, names and more shared between all your restaurants, your staff can ensure your customers are treated like family no matter which of your locations they visit.

make your customers feel at home anywhere

Go Global

If your brands and restaurants operate across multiple borders, you’re covered. Whether it’s multi-currency, multi-language or support from global payment providers, your Eats365 solution can cater to your multinational needs. 


Cross-Brand/Restaurant Reports

Keep track of all aspects of your business whether you want to dig deep into individual shops and brands or if you want an aggregated overall picture of your organization’s health. You’ll have access to detailed reports that let you compare the performance across your businesses, identify weak spots and build on strengths. 


Cross-Brand/Restaurant Reports

Take Your Brands Online

No matter how many locations or brands you have, you can take them all online and gain a brand-new group of customers. Better yet, you can manage all your online stores from anywhere in the world through one centralized backend portal. Now that’s convenience! 


take your brands online

The Full Multi-Brand/Location Management Solution

Brand Consolidation

Core Modules

Your POS (Point of Sale) system is home to plenty of awesome tools and features you can make use of across all your locations and brands. Whether it’s managing staff permissions, viewing consolidated reports, editing your menus or accessing your CRM, this is your multi-brand/location hub.

Brand Consolidation

Digitize Your Brands/Restaurants 

Branded Online Store
Expansion Modules

Gain access to your own online stores for your brands and restaurants, managed in one central backend portal. Let new customers discover your business and place orders online at their own convenience. 

Digitize Your Brands & Restaurants

Grow Your Customer Base

success stories
success stories
Third-Party Loyalty
Third Party Integration

Integrate with a number of deep loyalty systems that can be split into tiers or offer your customers juicy rewards to encourage repeat business.

Location Management - Grow Your Customer Base
You Don’t Need to Use them All
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