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Eats365 has created a platform designed to streamline the daily operations of your takeout venue. With a winning combination of useful features and convenience-enhancing tools, your business will excel, especially during peak periods

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Part Eats365’s POS user interface

Make your POS Work for You

Increase your business’ overall efficiency with our feature-packed POS. Not only will your overall workload decrease, but managing your business will become much easier. Now that's a winning combo! 

Customize the best POS Experience Possible

Easily set up combos, modifiers categories and item types while also customizing your menu buttons for maximum convenience. Further impress your customers with multiple payment options, customizable receipts, discounts and custom loyalty programs.

Robust Management Tools

Manage your takeaway menus easily by updating them all at once. Benefit from deep Customer Relationship Management options so that you can track important customer data and offer your customers the best experience possible. Set up staff roles and permissions so that your staff only have relevant and useful parts of the POS accessible to them, minimizing training time. 

No WiFi, No Problem

Our POS offers the ability to take orders even without an active WiFi connection. Our system will automatically upload order data once connected again. Finally, enjoy an easy set up process as our POS requires no on-site server. This makes maintenance, installation and future upgrades easy.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction with our User App

Allow your customers to order, queue and pay in advance through our User App for increased patronage. With multiple supported payment types, you can streamline the entire ordering experience, reducing staff workload. Now, your customers can literally show up and grab their takeaway food orders with no waiting time in between. 

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Takeout Success Story: Next Battle

Hong Kong

In order to keep up with a growing number of clients, Next Battle needed a solution that worked seamlessly and boosted efficiency. Find out how we were able to provide this buzzing takeout business with the perfect solution. 

Part Eats365’s eSignage user interface

Keep Customers Informed with our eSignage

Display queue ticket numbers clearly with our eSignage App, so that customers always know where they stand. In addition, you can choose to include verbal announcements so that customers don’t miss their ticket number. Furthermore, you can add custom images or videos to your eSignage for customers to view as they wait. This is the perfect way to advertise new items, combos and more. To further facilitate your business, the eSignage module supports multiple languages.

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Part Eats365’s Kitchen Display System user interface

Turn up the Heat with our Kitchen Display System

Allow your chefs to increase productivity and enjoy a more organized working environment. Our Kitchen Display System compiles orders directly in one place, making it easy to cook in bulk and prioritize certain items, as necessary. All orders are color-coded so that important information, like waiting time, can easily be discerned. Orders can even be viewed in multiple formats including by waiting time, category, table and chronological order. You can now opt to phase out the use of traditional kitchen tickets so orders never get lost.

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Part Eats365’s Expedite Display user interface

Speed things Up with our Expedite Display

Packing orders and ensuring the right items reach the right customers is extremely important. The Expedite Display gives packers a full, itemized list of each order that comes in so that orders are always completed and packed correctly. Each item can be checked-off when packed to avoid confusion. In addition, when an order is complete, packers can call for pickup directly from the Expedite Display module so customers get the freshest food possible.

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Part Eats365’s Customer Facing Display user interface

Added Practicality with our Customer Facing Display

Give your customers the chance to see an itemized list of their entire order to build trust while also ensuring that their order has been tallied up correctly. Make use of our Customer Relationship Management tools and make member customers feel welcome by displaying their name on the CFD as they check out. Finally, boost your earnings by displaying pre-set tip amounts for customers to choose from while also offering multiple payment options for maximum convenience.

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