mPOS Video Tutorials

Easily learn how to get the most out of your mPOS
How to Download Eats365 mPOS App
How to Pair the mPOS using Eats365 POS
How to Sign in your Account on Eats365 mPOS
How to Add Items to an Order with the mPOS App
How to Select Modifiers for Items
How to Change the Quantity of Items in the Cart
How to Configure Items on Hold or Sent to Kitchen Immediately
How to Edit and Delete Items in the Cart
How to Place a Combo Item on the mPOS
How to Manage Orders from the Order List
How to Add more Items to an Existing Dine-in Order using mPOS
How to Operate Table Sharing through mPOS
How to Transfer Checks to Another Table through mPOS
How to Send Print Bill Request to a Receipt Printer by mPOS
How to Sync with the Latest Menu and Table Setup for mPOS
How to Switch Languages on mPOS
How to Change the Font Size on mPOS
How to Set the Cart Size when You Take the Order on mPOS
How to Configure Draft Order Mode
How to Turn off the Power Saving Mode for the Redmi Note 4X
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